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Holistic approach offered at Results in Wellness

WESTFIELD- Results in Wellness is now open and offering a unique approach to health care with multiple providers working together in one location.

Owner Sofia Zanzarella, a physical therapist, began thinking abut how to better serve overall wellness needs when she struggled with her own health concerns

“She hated having to drive to appointments in all different locations,” said Results in Wellness General Manager Taylor Martinez. “This led her to start envisioning one central location to get all your health care related needs to limit unnecessary driving around and other hassles.”

While experimenting with different health care approaches, Zanzarella found that natural healing had helped her more than the standard idea of health care treating.

“Having a holistic approach allows a well-rounded form of care for our patients, giving them many different options to find the best plan of care for each individual that visits us,” Martinez said. “When putting this vision to life, it was imperative to us that we brought in open-minded professionals from all aspects of healthcare. And we did just that. Our providers work with each other to help form the best plan of care for the patient to accomplish that well-rounded care mentioned before.”


Zanzarella has a physical therapy practice called Rehab Resolutions, Inc.  in West Springfield, Southwick and Holyoke. In addition, she also owns Results in Wellness located at 93 Springfield Road. The businesses have separate identities, but the same goal: To give the top treatment of care.

“We know as a center with everything we offer it is a lot, and can be overwhelming to someone not sure of what they’re looking for but know they want to take the first step to improve their health and quality of life.” Martinez said. “We offer free consultations to people who would like more information on what we offer and help them get a better idea of what services would best suit their needs, then together we will choose.”

From there, they meet with each provider they are looking to get assistance from individually, so they won’t feel intimidated or overwhelmed. The next step is to meet with the requested health professionals and create a plan for that patient.

Martinez said when Zanzarella began looking for a location for this new venture, Westfield stood out.

“We chose Westfield because we saw that Westfield had nothing like this,” said Martinez. “We believe it will help the community to thrive in health to a higher level. It is also a central location for surrounding towns as well to join the health movement.”

Hours are Monday-Thursday 8 a.m. – 7 p.m.; Friday 8 a.m. – 6 p.m.; and Saturday 8 a.m. – 4 p.m.

Martinez said some classes and workshops take place outside the typical operating hours, such as a yoga class at 6:30 a.m. or a meditation session starting at 7 p.m. that runs after closing.

“For health services we have multiple health providers in our center.,” said Martinez. “Each provider has their own set schedule, that is within the normal operating hours I listed above and is available for viewing through our website. It is very flexible, our scheduling system allows a patient who is looking for a specific service online to pick a day they would like and will provide a list of available times to choose from making it easy for any person to schedule appointments at their convenience.  Or if they prefer, they can call our offices and we will gladly provide them specific days and times based on the providers schedule. “

Currently, the following providers offer services at Results in Wellness:

Active Release Techniques®  -Sofia Zanzarella MS,PT, ART2, CEO, Managing Partner, Level 2 Elite Provider

Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine- Dr. Kelly O’Connor L.Ac. , DACM

Chiropractor- Dr. Mindi Fried MS, DC, CACCP

Health & Wellness Coaching- Cheryl Shaw NBC-HWC, PTA, EP-C

Body Work Therapy- Maureen Hamel LMT

Clinical Psychotherapy- Kristen Hines MSW, LICSW and Jo-Anne Gaughan-Cabral MSW, LICSW

Physical Therapy- Christianna Keough DPT

Reiki Therapy- Harlene Simmons RM

Visit resultsinwellnessllc.com for more information.


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