Funding Increased to Repair Local Infrastructure

BOSTON – State Representative Nicholas A. Boldyga (R-Southwick) and State Senator Michael R. Knapik (R-Westfield) are pleased to announce that the Town of Southwick will receive $365,508 and the Town of Granville will receive $269,942 in Chapter 90 funds. The funds are part of legislation, which allocates $200 million to cities and towns for local road and bridge repairs.
Rep. Boldyga and Sen. Knapik signed a letter that was sent to Speaker Robert DeLeo and Senate President Therese Murray in June urging them to release the Chapter 90 funds from a conference committee where the funds had been bottled up for a long period of time, despite the objections of municipal officials in Southwick and countless other municipalities across the Commonwealth.
“I am happy to announce that Southwick and Granville will receive these much needed Chapter 90 funds. This money is important to our community as it will play a vital role in creating jobs by repairing roads and bridges and ensuring safe travel for years to come, said Representative Boldyga.”
“This proposal is extremely important to our cities and towns because it puts money into their hands to begin and complete much needed infrastructure improvements across the state, creating jobs and spurring the local economy,” Knapik said. “With the release of the bond, the Legislature is sending a clear message to municipalities across the Commonwealth that even in these unsteady fiscal times, we are not going to neglect local road and bridge projects,” Knapik continued.
Passed by the House of Representatives and Senate, the bill calls for the state to apportion $200 million to cities and towns for the maintenance and upkeep of existing infrastructure for the upcoming fiscal year. Furthermore, the legislation maintains last year’s funding which is the highest amount allotted to Chapter 90 historically.

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