John Cain seeking senate seat


Name:  John F. Cain

Occupation:  Business Owner, Cain’s Mechanical, Agawam MA.


What experience will you bring to the Senate that will benefit constituents?

Our communities are in need of representation that truly comprehends the varied spectrum of needs across the district. My experience as a military officer, volunteer fireman, professional mariner, and small business owner affords me a wide variety of skills, education, and practical application. They instilled in me leadership qualities that are only obtained through experience.

Our government is currently governing the people, not by the people. My leadership training and utilization of that training has taught me that leaders lead from the front. Unfortunately, our legislators often are not real leaders and end up reacting to situations instead of anticipating them.

My real-world involvement with bidding and securing government funded contracts while controlling spending to meet budgets will be a great benefit to my constituents in western Massachusetts. I know the cost of doing business and the difficulty of navigating complex rules and regulations while adhering to a budget.

Western Massachusetts is in dire need of infrastructure improvements that are not currently feasible with the regulations imposed on business and local municipalities. My experience on both sides of infrastructure and engineering brings a professional voice to Beacon Hill on a regular basis. My nature is problem solving for the best value and most widespread positive impact. I have extensive experience in identifying the root cause and developing effective solutions to eliminate further complications as well as project future growth and obstacles

Having been an employee of multiple businesses and growing a small business I understand the issues both employers and employees face in their daily lives. As a father I understand the impact our government can have on our children and the importance of making sure our youth are cared for and instilled with family values.  Our society as a whole has deviated from these values.


Our readers are primarily Westfield and Southwick residents. What are the key issues you feel should be addressed in these two communities, outside of the current pandemic?

These two communities are growing and developing in many similar and unique ways. Southwick, my hometown, has evolved from a small, primarily farming community, to a more densely populated rural bedroom town. Key issues that need to be addressed in Southwick are the sewer expansion, compensation by the state for the chemical treatment of the Congamond lakes, state funding of the community preservation fund, and providing resources to a small town that is growing and evolving.

Clean water is on everyone’s list along with secondary road paving and the wagon path of Western Avenue in Westfield. Sewer rates are in danger of increasing with the increase in disposal and hauling costs. Understanding the value and impact that each industry has on a community is vital to effective legislation.

I plan on incentives to encourage businesses to make Westfield and Southwick their homes by ensuring that our towns have access to every resource needed to provide the best service to the government. Westfield Technical Academy is a great resource for students interested in becoming a skilled tradesperson. The senate is currently working on a bill to help utilize the resources of technical academies.


COVID-19 is costing the state and local communities, and an extremely tight budget is predicted. Chapter 90 and 70 funds could be less than normal. How do you plan to seek funds for Westfield and Southwick?

Education and infrastructure are the foundation of my campaign. My mother was a middle school teacher for 20 years and has been, up until the pandemic, substitute teaching in Southwick. I know what is important to our educators and being a father of a young student, I receive constant feedback about our schools. Understanding that these two communities face very different educational challenges is important when it comes to seeking funds that will be used in the most valuable way and cost effectively. As your State Senator I will work with our local state representatives to develop a comprehensive request for educational funding.

Infrastructure improvements will provide much needed revenue to many businesses in Westfield and Southwick. In a tight budget scenario the taxpayer revenue is best spent locally

The state house budget will be my first priority while rebuilding our recently deteriorated economy. Having built a business, I know first-hand the difficulty in operating on a reduced budget. Making the hard decisions on where to cut back and where to invest more has been my role. Through rebuilding our economy and providing resources to business we will increase tax revenue and rebuild our budget.


People often say that the Commonwealth government doesn’t make communities west of Worcester a priority. Do you believe the State Senate has the interests of western Massachusetts residents on its radar on a regular basis? Why or why not? And, if not, what are your plans to make western Massachusetts’ voice heard at the State House?

Western Massachusetts is not a priority to the legislature. Not only do I hold this belief, but so do almost every one of my constituents whose doors I have knocked on and every business I have visited. The taxpayer funding of the MBTA is crippling and the benefit to my communities is nothing. Hampden County has the lowest median income in the state. This could be related to having the lowest percentage of college educated residents or second lowest high school graduation rate. Hampden county is second only to Suffolk County in poverty rate. We have been the piggy bank for Boston. I will be our voice at the state house. I will display the value we bring to the state and how we have been left behind. It is not just a belief, it is a fact, that western Massachusetts and particularly the 2nd Hampden and Hampshire District have not been a priority for our state government. I have made my voice heard across the state as a political newcomer showing that I have the ability to make my voice heard and enact change.


What is the top priority you have heard from constituents during your campaign and how will you address it if elected?

Prior to the outbreak of Covid-19 the concerns voiced to me by my constituents were opioid abuse, impending tax increases, the cost of supporting illegal immigrants and the mismanagement of our tax dollars. If elected I will advocate for the resources our mental health professionals need to understand and treat the complex cases of mental health and opioid use disorder as they often overlap.

As a taxpayer business owner. I am opposed to increasing any tax on our citizens. The mismanagement of taxpayer dollars is the cause of budget shortfalls, not the revenue generated.

The onset of the pandemic has changed the immediate concerns of my constituents. Staying healthy is top priority for everyone, but health is a subjective topic for many people. When we think of the mental and physical impact of prolonged economic shutdown or social isolation it is clear why so many want to get back to work. Restarting and rebuilding our economy and getting our children back to school safely is the new priority that I am hearing. I have also heard concerns surrounding the Holyoke Soldiers Homes and the actions taken by our legislature throughout the new administration leading up to the coronavirus outbreak and the issues exposed by the rapid spread.

Why should you be the next state senator representing the 2nd Hampden and Hampshire District?

At a young age I became accountable for the outcome of my life. We cannot rely on others to do what is in our best interest on a daily basis. Society has seemed to lose this sense of personal accountability. Career politicians lose touch with what it means to be a taxpaying member of the workforce. I am not a career politician and I have not and will not be bought or beholden to any person or party. I will legislate based on what is in the best interest of my district.  I started a grassroots movement to give the people representation that best exemplified their needs, wants, and desires. I know how the government can be an asset to small businesses and I have seen how it can destroy dreams through burdensome regulation, fees, and taxation. I was born in Holyoke and have been a resident of this district my entire life. I grew up in these communities and this is where my family will continue to grow. Much like many of my constituents I am a father, husband, and hard-working guy who has a genuine desire to see everyone succeed. I am the best choice to represent our communities on Beacon Hill because I have invested myself in this district. I am solution oriented and have a vision to improve living conditions not only for myself, but for our children and their children. I will bring back the transparency to the state house. Our communities deserve leadership that is not advancing a political career, but rather making a commitment to serving the community and advancing the opportunities available to constituents.

I ask for your vote on May 19. For more information, go to www.johncain4ma.com


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