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Kevin M. Kelleher Sr.


Municipal Light Board Ward 1 Incumbent

Name: Kevin M. Kelleher, Sr.

Address: 270 Prospect St, Ext

Occupation: Self-Employed Landscaper/Property Manager


What experience do you bring to this position?

I have been a Westfield Municipal Light Board member for 16 years and have owned and operated a profitable business for over 40 years. Having served my constituents in Ward 1 on the MLB and attended at least 180 meetings, I have gained considerable knowledge of the day to day operations of the Westfield Gas & Electric.

Why is having a municipal utility an asset to the city?

There really is no short answer to this question as the Westfield G&E brings so much value to the city.

To start with the Westfield G&E has great gas & electric rates. Last year the gas rates in Westfield were over 13% less than the state average while the electric rates were over 19% less than the state average.

Along with great rates, anyone who has had to call on the G&E for service can tell you that their customer service is second to none. It’s very comforting to know that if your furnace goes out or if you lose power, Westfield G& E will respond in a quick and efficient manner.  The list of community activities that the G&E supports is a long one. At the top of the list are the G&E employees who donate their time and energy to volunteer at Westfield Community Table or raising funds to purchase turkeys to distribute to those in need for Thanksgiving. The list of nonprofit organizations that Westfield G&E supports include the Boys & Girls Club, Westfield Senior Center, Stanley Park, Noble Hospital, Westfield YMCA , Westfield on Weekends, Babe Ruth World Series and many others including providing fuel assistance to those who need it through the Westfield Warm Program. The G&E also does a great job of keeping residents informed by utilizing social media and mailing out “Power Line” in monthly bills.

Why should residents vote for you?

I have lived in Ward 1 on the North Side for 63 years and I take great pride in serving the rate payers in my neighborhood. During my years on the MLB the department has seen tremendous growth. The completion of the Southwick Lateral has given a reliable gas supply for many years to come. Whip City Fiber has brought high speed internet to Westfield and many Hill Towns as well as attracting businesses to Westfield.   With Ward 1 being so expansive, I will continue to work to see that everyone has the opportunity to hook up to Whip City Fiber. I am thankful for having been a part of Westfield G&E for 8 terms and look forward to continuing to represent my Ward on the MLB.

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