Letter: Allie campaign would only split votes

To the Editor,

Dan Allie came to our home a few years ago on his bike handing out cards and spoke to my wife and I asking for our vote for city council. He explained he was a stand up guy and wanted to do rite for the people of Westfield. I applauded his efforts for what he stood for and our family voted for him.

Unfortunately, now having a full understanding of what he is doing after losing the primary, I called him. After speaking to Mr. Allie. I asked if it was true what I had heard. After he CLEARLY LOST the primary he was going to keep running for the seat. Dan stated he did not lose. I was a bit perplexed by this answer. One can only naturally think a greater number beats a lesser number in this situation, unless you are living on Mars. I asked how could that be? You got less votes. You lost. He then went on about money and unfairness and basically went on and on about PAC money.

I’m your average voter and really don’t care about those issues in local government. Nor do I think they matter on a local level. This is Westfield for heaven sake we are all smart people, we don’t need or want to hear that garbage. I could not believe he is seriously calling the people of this city’s intelligence into question for how they voted. The people have spoken. RESPECT IT Mr. ALLIE!

After I heard him out, I then explained to him he would only split the vote against Kelly Pease and he should be supporting him. I was surprised to hear his dismissive and delusional tone and how fast he dismissed this issue. He did not care at all about the people he was all about himself. I started to think he sounds like Nancy Pelosi. Thus, only a sore loser would do such a thing and we have now lost all respect for him. I spoke to my neighbor who also voted for him shortly after that conversation and his thoughts were the same as mine. So we are going to let our neighborhood know not to vote for him.

How can you think you have the people of this city’s best interest in mind when he clearly is only out for his own best interest. Only a child gets mad like that and he is now taking his toys out of the sandbox and going home. The people of this city deserve better. Dan might want to go back to Holyoke and run for a 4th time for state Rep there. It seems like he has not got the message yet. I don’t think any sensible mature person who is for the people would tank an election on purpose. My family does not feel he is fit for office. Can you only imagine the antics he would play for the attention then.


Kurt Bricault


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