Letter: Gosselin touts experience, vision in school board bid

On Tuesday, Nov. 2, I am asking for your vote for one of the three four-year seats on the Westfield School Committee. Having gone through the Westfield school system, and teaching in several area schools, has given me the chance to learn from diverse school districts. I have observed how many teachers create some exciting opportunities for our youth. As a college student at Springfield College, I actively participated in the first city-wide “Mentor SC Program.” I have taught as an adjunct faculty member at Westfield State University and I developed programs and trainings as a supervisor and counselor at the Carson Center. I have served on the Westfield Historical Commission, having worked on the historic district signage project, and I currently serve on the Commission for Citizens with Disabilities, as secretary from 2018 to present.

Some of my main concerns for our schools are: creating a long-range district plan, construction and building of a new elementary school, expanding the Shelter English Immersion program and looking at our growing ELL, English Language Learner, population. I would advocate for building improvement and the cultivation of eco-friendly initiatives and energy-saving programs for our schools. I will continue to work on safer schools and embrace the entire community around the education of our youth. I would appreciate your vote on Nov. 2.


Jeffrey L. Gosselin


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