Letter: Gov. Baker finally heard people’s voice on TCI

For the last few months, volunteers across Massachusetts have collected thousands of signatures to put three questions on next year’s statewide ballot.

I would like to thank the thousands of people who collected signatures and signed the petitions, and everyone who helped spread the word to promote the locations of where people could sign.

This massive effort was to inform the public and let voters decide whether or not to require a photo ID when voting, to restore the law requiring life-saving medical care for newborn babies, and oppose the Transportation Climate Initiative increase in the gas tax.

Known as TCI, it was originally an agreement of 12 East Coast states from Maine to Washington, D.C., to restrict the supply of fuel to this region by imposing a fee on gas and diesel fuel. These funds would not go to any government, but rather to this “league of states,” with less than half the money going to roads.

Eleven other state legislatures rejected the TCI proposal, with only Massachusetts committed to the plan. Two weeks ago, Connecticut Gov. Ned Lamont withdrew from the TCI. Two days later, Gov. Baker withdrew from the plan.

The real problem or danger with the TCI scheme was that unelected and unaccountable people could create a huge fund, with the power to tax or create a fee, but not subject to any voters, with only a promise to spend the money on its intended purpose.

Massachusetts residents and drivers are accustomed to our elected officials creating a tax, promising to use these funds for a specific purpose, only to change the rules after the fact and put the money in the general fund.

Today, more than any time in recent history, people are aware of the danger posed by an overreaching government and ambitious politicians, which conspire to overthrow that government of the people based on “the consent of the governed” with any other form or control on the freedom and prosperity of hard-working, law-abiding Americans who built this country.


Dan Allie

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