Letter: Hoose offers solutions to concerns

To the Editor,

Hi folks sorry I have been gone so long, and am I hearing about it from those who look for my edits….

First, local…if you saw me at the last City Council meeting; I presented two local concerns. The first: our animal shelter up by Barnes in Ward 6. There is a major rut/hole in the entrance. I suggested a lower cost solution…gravel and asphalt. There are the people that work there; the volunteers who help out; those who bring abandoned or injured animals; those looking to adopt an animal; and people as me, who will occasionally drop off donations. Why risk serious damage to one’s car while trying to do something good. Ward 6 Councilor Bill Onyski did say he’d look into it and see what can be done.

Second, as you know I am a greeter at WTA for Tiger Pride Restaurant. For those who go there, you know that the entrance can be difficult for the many seniors who go there; especially if you have a walker, a wheel chair is not possible unless you get off, have someone lift it and help you up the steps. For a lot of old folks as me, it can be dangerous. My solution is put in a ramp. I believe it could be done in house at WTA, or the city and school department could get it done. And, for those who cry COSTS, an injured senior is more important than the price.

Lastly, on the national side, a court has agreed with the Trump administration that the cyan withhold funds from Sanctuary Cities. Don’t get me going about the moral, 1,000 year-old principles for Sanctuaries; what has the Bible been revised again to appease a royal? Sorry, when it comes to moral principles for the preservation of lives, I get angry, as both a person of the true moral teaching of the Bible; and those principles that make us Americans, and America unique in the world. But, also on the pragmatic side, with the corona-virus (COVID-19) potential, this act of vendetta could lead to countless deaths, or at least the spread of this virus and suffering AND economic loss. Oh, maybe we could just build walls around cities that develop that virus.Sorry for the sarcasm but when it comes to ego versus live I go with lives.

Thank you for your time, your former Ward 3 City Councilor, and Community Advocate, Brian Hoose, [email protected]

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