Letter: Hoose on stand outs, dining and remembering Sue Phillips

To the Editor,
First of all I need to extend my deepest sympathies to family and friends of Sue Phillips.  I had known Sue for good number of years to when I was involved in Chicopee city government. She was a friend, and very helpful.
On a positive, I am so very happy that Emma’s Restaurant is back open for sit down dining.  You do have to call in due to the limit of people who can be there at any one time.  Me being me, I could not help myself; I popped in for a little speechifying.  In that I am the guy across the street who has initiated a Spread the Positive campaign by waving and saying hi to all who pass my home; and as the former Ward 3 City Councilor; I had to thank all the customers for their return. As well, to heap praise on Gian Paolo and his fantastic staff.  We have become more acquainted during these troubling times. And, as former chef and cook, I know what they have been going through.
I hear of praise for those local heroes who deservedly have earned our praise and appreciation.  But, what about the bus drivers, and delivery people and so many others who work everyday to keep Westfield, and America going?  These, as they pass my house, are waved at, and who are now waving back, and beeping their positive response to what I am doing.  Maybe I am doing some good?  Neat.
Heads up readers, and passersby: My next project —  Westfield Sign Shop has made me a few signs; one of which is to save Our Public Owed Post Offices.  I intend to do a one person standout, first at the corner of Broad and Silver streets.  I’ll let you know when as the Westfield News, has agreed to print my PSA’s announcing when.  OK, again anyone knowing our Police Chief, please ask him to reply to my letter, seeking clarification of the regulations.  I want to be incompliance.
Speaking of the Police Department, contact your City Councilors, and say NO to cuts in the Police Budget!  These folks risk their lives daily to protect us.
OK, enough for now. There is much to be said, and ask of the reasonable and responsible people of Westfield…so next time…
Your former Ward 3 City Councilor, and now, Community Advocate, and soon to be announced…gotta wait.  Brian Hoose.  [email protected]
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