Letter: Humason asks to continue progress as mayor

Tuesday, Nov. 2, is Election Day. The polls will be open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.

I would be remiss if I did not ask you, individually and collectively, for your vote to re-elect me as mayor of Westfield for another term.

Thank you for the privilege of being your mayor.

As you may know, I have worked in state and local government for 30 years. I have tried to use that experience, that perspective, and all I have learned over those years to effectively and honorably serve the people of my city.

It hasn’t always been easy. Westfield has its challenges as a 352-year-old Gateway City. Our aging roads, sidewalks, bridges, and water and sewer systems will always need attention. Promoting our city as a good place to do business has been a priority. Assuring our community is safe, clean, and a good place to live, work, go to school, and play is an important part of every mayor’s job.

Many of Westfield’s problems existed before I took office. And obviously the COVID pandemic created huge challenges to our health and well-being.

Despite all that, I am proud of our city and the things we have managed to do in two short, tumultuous years.

— Two balanced budget and a property tax rate that is lower, not higher, than before I was elected.

— A Master Plan Committee process, the first in our city in 50 years, that is funded and underway.

— A new elementary school project that will take two old and decrepit school buildings and create a new modern, accessible, energy efficient, safe school for our neighborhood children.

— A business climate that is thriving with numerous new businesses of all sizes in our downtown and throughout the city, with more on the way. Including the first-of-its-kind-in-New-England Hyper Data Center campus, complete with high tech, high-paying jobs, record tax revenue, and minimal negative traffic or environmental impacts on our North Side.

And that’s just the beginning. There are numerous projects and programs happening now and planned for the future.

I can’t say why previous mayors and their administrations didn’t always focus on these tasks. I’ve only been here for 22 months. But I’ve made these things, and others, a priority. The city of Westfield is in good position to meet the future.

I have a collaborative, work-together, team approach for my leadership style. It seems to fit well with our city government. I don’t have any hidden agenda. This job is not a stepping stone for me. I’m here because I like to help people. I love Westfield. And it is my community too.

I ask for your trust, and your vote, on Election Day. Many thanks.

Donald Humason Jr.

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