Letter: Parents of daughters need to learn about trafficking

To mom and dads, single mothers and fathers of daughters: How fast are your young girls growing?

The Greater Westfield and Western Hampden County Medical Reserve Corp members would like to offer you and your girls a free program to help your children learn to make good choices in the following areas according to age, parental training, and other education.

As a parent caring for a daughter, I would like to know if you ever researched the dangers preschoolers have in front of them, risk of these dangers from other students in their school, or other predators from groups their age, older or younger.

Please help us save our children and show them our love by educating them on what to do to prevent these dangers from happening.

Please do not wait until it is too late. These issues can take years to be dealt with and may not ever be forgotten. Look up “childhood trafficking” on the web. It may help you understand the need to act now. Schools are open; dangers are growing. Please call the Medical Reserve Corps at 413-330-3757 if you are interested.

Edward Mello

The writer is a retired nurse and director of the Westfield and Western Hampden County Medical Reserve Corps and Greater Westfield Community Emergency Response Team.

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