Letter: Recall supporters are breaking law, costing town money

This past week, many people have contacted me regarding what the group “Citizens Reclaiming Southwick” are saying as they gather signatures. They have made me aware of what was published in an ad in some local papers, as well as a card mailed out to the community.

It is clear they have continued to repeat falsehoods, and are openly lying, in order to get the required number of signatures to force a recall. To make matters worse, this group has been placing signs on private property without permission, and town property, which is a violation of our town bylaws, and even went as far as putting them on our town cemetery. It doesn’t stop there; signs are located on state property which is a violation of Massachusetts DOT laws.

The most shocking revelation is this group “Citizens Reclaiming Southwick” did not file their status as a political action committee. I am thankful that the Office of Campaign and Political Finance is now looking into this violation. I believe a full investigation should be opened for all illegal activities. I find it reprehensible that a group that is promoting democracy and transparency operates more like a criminal organization where laws can be broken, and the public can be denied access to who is funding their massive campaign.

The taxpayers of Southwick should know that thousands of your tax dollars have already been spent on legal and staffing hours on this attempted recall. If this is successful, this will require the town to hold two special elections. The total cost, because of almost certain legal challenges, could cost the taxpayers between $40,000 and $50,000.

I hope the voters of Southwick will consider all the facts if they are asked to sign the recall petition and say NO, as it is time for the people of Southwick to look forward together to the future, united for the betterment of our community.

Thank you all for your support.

Russell S. Fox

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