LETTER: Socialist thinking dominates Democratic party

To the Editor,
An article in the Springfield Republican writes  about Governor Baker’s proposal to extend the sales tax holiday. The thinking I believe is much the same as years past to give small Massachusetts businesses a booster shot of activity. It’s a idea that merits consideration being the way government has been passing out free money without a clue of how to repay these debts. The main source of jobs and tax revenue is small MA. business.
You can surmise that State Rep. Mindy Domb has a “D” for democrat after her name by first knowing she is a Massachusetts politician but most notably by her quote, “Instead of an extended sales tax holiday, lets put funds towards our future: relieve student debt. support public higher education, address rent relief post-pandemic. I could make a long list”. Here is a perfect example of the Socialist thinking that now dominates the Democratic party. First she wants to reduce some Americans debt by eliminating student loans, then she wants to increase  all Americans debt by support of public higher education. Bernie Madoff did this and he went to jail. Mindy Domb wants to do this and she is the State Rep. of Amherst MA.
The politicians who rose up during the founding era of this country were farmers, builders, manufacturers. Did they do every thing right, No. They were persistent to build wealth and at the same time build a country. Many tried and many also failed. Today’s politicians are lawyers, community activists, and a type of person who looks at that builder who makes a dollar profit and thinks of how do I siphon off a nickel of every dollar that builder profits. Yes we need to support an infrastructure with taxes to build and expand our country. That five percent nickel is not enough anymore and its not for an investment to build our country. Today’s politicians like Mindy Domb want to create a welfare state as if the government can do this even though they do not grow anything, build anything, or manufacture anything. God creates life out of thin air. A politician is supposed to manage our resources and they are only asking for more deficit spending. Socialism does not build anything but more debt and more despair. “Our future” is not secure with the proposals of State Rep Mindy Domb.
Rich Hilbert
Westfield, MA
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