Letter: Task force on racism and violence

To the Editor,

As members of the Southern Hilltown Domestic Violence Task Force we want to say how saddened and unnerved we are by the recent and tragic deaths of Black Americans across the country. We do not accept racism, or the abuse of power in any realm. We believe that every person is valuable, has the right to be safe, and should be treated with dignity and respect – in and outside the home.

These are difficult times, and we want to reassure the community that the Task Force and all our partners are working hard to serve the community.  If you are in danger we encourage you to reach out to your community resources.  Hilltown police have done incredible work to support survivors of domestic violence, are critical members of the Task Force, and can always be reached by calling 911. Hilltown Safety at Home provides free advocates for anyone experiencing violence from an intimate partner or family member and can be reached at 413-693-9977 or 413-667-2203 x341. Advocates can help you review your options, make a safety plan, get a protective order, or simply discuss the challenges of living with someone who misuses their power to harm you.

As always, we would like to thank the hilltown community for your on-going support of our mission, and for your efforts to acknowledge and challenge the abuse of power wherever you find it.




Lindsey Maxwell

Diane Meehan

Pastor Carol Smith

Pastor Stephen Philbrick

Mimi Cabin Ross

John Bergeron

Monica Moran

Phil Barry

Niciole Daviau

Deana LeBlanc

Martha Clark

Nancy Blume

Patti McManamy

Declan Nolan

Mary Kociela

Nancy Webb

Dan Kennedy


Southern Hilltown Domestic Violence Task Force

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