Letter to the Editor: Brian Hoose

Letter to the Editor,

Hello Westfield, especially, Ward 3; Hi folk…I have not gotten into government lately, so here it is: 1. Tariffs: You would figure a billionaire businessman would understand this better….WE PAY THEM, not China; not Mexico.  One of Trumps chief economic advisors has corrected Trump’s version.  It is like a tax on goods and services.  Let’s say you buy something for $100.00, then there is a 5% tariff on it. The producer either adds that cost to the item; or they swallow the loss.  But, producers usually pass on the costs to the consumers; you now pay $105.00.  Business/economic facts of life.  In that a lot of the tariffs are on parts, American corps buy them and add on the increase cost of parts to YOU.  Remember China is an Autocratic Plutocracy, with many in their government leadership are either millionaires, or are affiliated with them.  Thus, while, all about the money, Plutocrats; they are also Autocrats: one party/faction state that controls all within the country.

Mexico, is not rich.  They have already spent a lot on their southern and northern borders, and all in between to deal with migrants.  Also, remember it is the drug habits of Americans that have funded the Narco-terrorists that are the reason that their people are fleeing.  Americans have made the narco-terrorist billionaires, and enabled them to be heavily armed, own ships, and planes to do their work, and to terrorize the people of Central America.  They are not the ones coming to America.  Why, they live VERY well where they are.  It is the many everyday people forced in their service, or killed.

You have to go to the source of the problem, and a big part of this is US (literally) and our drug habits.  As well, for a century of imposing our political interests visa vie support of dictators, and U.S. corporations that stunted their grown and development, and added to their poverty.  Undoing is most difficult; but if we really want to end the migration; we need to go to the source/causes; and not just the effects.

On a more positive subject: America’s Got Talent is back!!!  The young man, Kodi Lee, with Autism, and being blind who has a great voice, and is a piano player; captured the hearts of the judges, and the audience, and got the Golden Buzzer: really shows the REAL America.  OK, for now, I’ll be back… Your former, Ward 3 City Councilor, Brian Hoose…[email protected]


Brian Hoose


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