Letter to the Editor: Hoose talks elections

To the Editor,

Hi folks…Our local elections are coming up.  And, as those who hire and pay for our local city government somethings to think about before you do.  Who is doing the best job for Westfield, and for Westfield’s future?  Who has the vision of a vibrant Westfield; having a university, an airport, and the potentials for rail connections?  Helen Keller once said that: what is worse than being blind, is to have sight, but no vision (or, words to that effect).  But, that it takes INVESTMENT.  Business is a collage of different factors, and elements that when properly combined create success.  They need to understand where our world is going, and how fast it is moving in that direction.  Look around, check out what is happening: it is technology, and science…don’t like it, well too bad, it is coming.  If not us someone else.  While I hear people despair and even curse these changes; we are Humans.  We have thought our way out of extinction for over 100,000 years.  If can’t adapt, then you go extinct; a fact of life in this next new Human epoch.  So, pay attention, ask questions like: How are you going to prepare Westfield?  What are you doing to bring the vital elements needed for to do so?

OK onto the big stage where our American Tragedy is taking place…D.C.  Also, as said: the Dems are working hard at losing the presidential race.  In fighting versus a unified effort.  No one is taking time to think, just react.  Let Trump on do himself!  You cannot impeach with a Republican Senate.  You cannot pass a Constitutional Amendment without 2/3rds of the States approving it.  And, Trump gives the American voter enough ammunition to not vote for him on a regular basis.  He has done a lot to destabilize OUR country.  What, 14-15 cabinet positions quit, or resigned in less than 2 years?  Others, without the credentials for their jobs.  Is there any real vetting going on?  Even Trump acknowledged that it is easier for him to run things without a middle man in the way.  Even an acting Sec. of Defense; leaves allies wondering who is making the calls on international security.  And, now on a tweet, Trump has said that female members of the House of Reps that were born in another country should go back to where they came from??? How Un-American can you get???

The separate Dem candidates are giving you real good, fact based, reasons not to vote for him, and then go attack one another…  Also, another thing not considered, is that the Sec. for the Department of Transportation (Elaine Chao) is married to Senate President Mitch O’Connell.  See any conflict of self-interest?  Of those vacated cabinet positions; most, who did not just quit out of frustration, resigned due to ETHICS violations, or being charged with a crime.

There are still those being investigated, or awaiting prosecution in state courts.  Add in, the immorality of how people are treated: as using children as a weapon.  Massive child abuse, and don’t tell me that is an acceptable, natural consequence, for trying to flee the terror in their countries that American drug dealers have funded and U.S. policies have enabled.  I worked in behavioral sciences for a long time, you know how long, if ever to treat trauma of this sort. I guess being moral to some people is a whole lot different than mine.

This leads me to call out again to Independent Voters: “here we come to save the day!  The Underdogs are on the way!”  We need to get organized without an organization.  It can be done by our networking… This is YOUR/OUR America, don’t give up on it!  Do not surrender it to would be tyrants, and special interest factions.  Everyday Americans have championed America for 243 years.  Don’t be the generation that sold out or were bought out…or the one that has forsaken this OUR America by giving into not my problem, not my responsibility, too much effort, or whatever excuse that you can come up with.  I hope to, soon, be out on the street, looking for those willing to take a stand for OUR America…join me!

 Your former Ward 3 City Councilor, Brian Hoose, [email protected].

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