Local officials, organizations tour North Pond

SOUTHWICK – Conservation Commission Coordinator Dennis Clark, along with Alain Peteroy of the Franklin Land Trust and members of the Hampden Hampshire Conservation District took a boat tour of the North Pond section of Congamond Lake this week.

A view of the water on North Pond. (Photo from Jennifer Peotter)

“It was really a great opportunity to meet with the whole board (conservation district),” said Peteroy. “They were really interested in it.”

Bob Wichroski, district supervisor for Southwick for the H.H.C.D., lives on Congamond Lake and hosted the tour while providing insight from a historical context. Wichroski enjoyed showing his colleagues, especially those who have never been, North Pond first hand.

“It was a complete success and everyone was pretty amazed about the amount of land (there is), “said Wichroski.

After experiencing the tour, Leon Ripley, Vice Chairman of the H.H.C.D., said that the organization will support and bring awareness to saving North Pond from development.

“The H.H.C.D. is supporting the NP acquisition,” said Ripley. “Hopefully people will see the value of saving that section (of the lake), we’d hate to see that area get developed with more homes on it.”

However, Ripley did acknowledge that the organization doesn’t expect to give out a large financial donation due to lack of funds, but may assist in a smaller donation towards the fundraising process.

Local officials were given a tour of North Pond this week to show the importance of preserving the land. (Photo from Jennifer Peotter)

According to Peteroy, a walking tour of the North Pond land that is open to the public will take place on October 16 at 4:15 p.m. but could be subject to change. The walking tour will start at the wildlife management area on South Longyard Road.

The Hampshire Hampden Conservation District helps conserve and manage natural resources, farmland, woodland, and wildlife management in the area.

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