Lozoski nearly perfect in Week 16; playoff spots up for grabs in Week 17

After several starts, stops, injuries, and Covid-related sicknesses along the way, the final week of the NFL’s regular season is upon us … and intrigue abounds.
The NFC East, or more accurately, “Least”, is still up for grabs with the division winner finishing either 7-9 or 6-10. If the Washington Football Club defeats Philadelphia, they will be crowned the division champ. If Washington loses, the winner of the Dallas Cowboys-New York Giants would win the NFC East.
The Tennessee Titans, Miami Dolphins, Baltimore Ravens, Cleveland Browns, and Indianapolis Colts, all at 10-5, will battle it out for four of the final five playoff spots in the AFC.
The Kansas City Chiefs (14-1), Buffalo Bills (12-3), and Pittsburgh Steelers (12-3) have already clinched the AFC’s top three spots.
In the NFC, the Green Bay Packers (12-3), New Orleans Saints (11-4), Seattle Seahawks (11-4), and Tampa Bay Buccaneers (10-5) have locked up playoff spots. Three teams – the L.A. Rams (9-6), Arizona Cardinals (8-7), and Chicago Bears (8-7) – are fighting for the conference’s final two spots.
The Cardinals will take on the Rams this week with the winner automatically advancing to the playoffs.
Congratulations to Week 16 Beat the Putz winner Shirley Lozoski, of Chicopee. Lozoski went nearly unbeaten, posting a 10-1 record. Her only loss was Cleveland, which was upset by the lowly New York Jets.
Lozoski will join Week 1 winner Doug LaMont (10-3), Week 2 winner Greg Masciadrelli (14-0), Week 3 winner Doug LaMont (11-2), Week 4 winner Lisa Dee (11-2), Week 5 winner Norma Coogan (11-1), Week 6 winner Lorna Farrington (8-2), Week 7 winner Nancy Skowyra (11-1), Week 8 winner Mike Thomas (10-2), Week 9 winner Ken Martin (11-1), Week 10 winner Tim Tracy (11-1), Week 11 winner Michael Gossman (9-3), Week 12 winner Nelson West (11-1), Week 13 winner Richard Borgatti (11-1), and Week 15 winner Sandra Madamba (11-1) in receiving a $25 gift certificate to Delaney Market.
There was no Week 14 winner.
All weekly winners will be entered into our end-of-season grand prize drawing.

Week 17 Picks:
NE Patriots
New Orleans
Green Bay
Indianapolis Colts
LA Chargers
LA Raiders

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