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Luncheon held for 350th workers

(Front left to right) Paul Asselin of Elm Electric, Mayor Brian Sullivan, Columbia Manufacturing President Ali Salehi, and Westek President Bruce Scheible. Salehi, Scheible, and Asselin received proclamations from Mayor Sullivan thanking them for their work on the Westfield 350th celebrations. In the back are Westfield’s Community Development Director, Peter Miller, Jr. (l) and President of the Friends of the Westfield 350th Board, Harry Rock (r)(Photo by Peter Currier)

WESTFIELD- The Tavern Restaurant in downtown Westfield held a luncheon for the workers who built the Westfield 350th anniversary cake and the bicycle that was on display for Westfield’s first night celebration. Workers from Westek, Elm Electric, and Columbia Manufacturing gathered for a free lunch organized by Harry Rock, President of the Friends of the Westfield 350th Committee.

Rock commended the owners and workers from each company in a speech before lunch was served.

“This gentleman right here stepped up to the plate, didn’t even think about it and said, ‘yes I’ll do it,’” Rock said of Bruce Scheible, founder and President of Westek.

Staff from Westek, Elm Electric and Columbia Mfg enjoy a ‘Thank You’ luncheon for all of their work in creating the iconic 350th birthday cake that sits on Park Square in celebration of Westfield’s 350th birthday. (Photo by Peter Currier)

Ali Salehi, President of Columbia Manufacturing, was also present for the lunch. His company was mainly responsible for the building of the bike sculpture that was lit up during the first night celebration. The main architect of the bike, Kazimierz ‘Kaz’ Trzepacz, had worked for Columbia for more than three decades, and did much of the legwork of building the bike despite being retired. Kaz never got to see his work on display in Amelia Park, as he passed away suddenly on December 14th.

Also present was Paul Asselin of Elm Electric in Westfield. Asselin was responsible for much of the electrical wiring for both the cake and the bike. Each company took part in each project on a volunteer basis without asking for compensation.

Mayor Brian Sullivan arrived and issued proclamations from the city to each company. Both Rock and Sullivan noted that the weather conditions when the cake was constructed were less than favorable.

“This lunch is in honor of you,” said Rock.

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