Mailed marijuana monitored

WESTFIELD – A Southwick woman was arraigned in Westfield District Court Friday along with two Agawam residents after federal and local officials swept in on the trio minutes after they took possession of a package containing almost two and a half pounds of marijuana.
Agawam Police Officer Michael DeCaro reports, in a document filed in court to support a criminal complaint, that postal inspectors had obtained a warrant July 3 to search a package sent through the mail to 200 Adams St. in Agawam, the home of Nicholas J. Planzo, 22.
DeCaro reports that the delivery was made by a postal inspector to Planzo “who was waiting in a SUV in his driveway” and returned to his vehicle with the package to open it. The vehicle was occupied by two other persons, Kendal Vocca, 18, of 5 Hummingbird Hollow, Southwick and Shane Lafond, 20, of 18 Katy Lane, Agawam.
Officers then approached the vehicle, DeCaro reports and said “we could see the package open and two baggies of marijuana from the exterior of the vehicle.”
The three suspects were separated and DeCaro reports that Vocca said that Lafond “had knowledge of this package and that it contained marijuana.”
Vocca told police that she and Lafond “were to pick up the package from Nicolas and take it to a different location.”
The contents of the package were tested and found to be two pounds, six ounces of marijuana.
After their arrest, all three were released from police custody on their personal recognizances and were arraigned Friday on charges of conspiracy to violate drug laws and for possession of a Class D drug with intent to distribute.
Each was again released on personal recognizance pending an Aug. 28 hearing.

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