Marijuana lost, found

WESTFIELD – A city woman found a surprise package – three pounds of marijuana – while walking in the woods near Honey Pot Road.
Det. Sgt. Ray Manos said that the woman had been walking on trails frequented by hunters and off-road recreational vehicles, when she found a white paper shopping bag.
When the woman investigated the bag, she found that it was full of fresh marijuana so she brought the contraband to the police department.
Manos said “it appears somebody was cultivating their grow” in the wooded area and lost part of the harvest while taking it out of the woods. He speculated that the harvest had been loaded on to an ATV for transport and suggested that the bag found must have been unnoticed when it fell off a recreational vehicle on the trip out of the woods.
He said the find represented “over three thousand (dollars) street value on the pot” which weighed three pounds and contained ground up marijuana plants. He said that he suspects the person who had grown the marijuana had ground up the plants in the woods after harvest to make transporting the yield less noticeable.
Manos said that the found marijuana “will be included in the next destroy cycle” of contraband seized by police.

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