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Mikenzie Cain announces her candidacy for the Southwick Board of Health


My name is Mikenzie Cain, and I am a candidate for the Southwick Board of Health because your family, as well as mine, all deserve the best, safest practices when it comes to everyone’s health. I am a lifelong Southwick resident and believe that I understand the nature of our community, the needs of our neighbors, and the goals of keeping our children, seniors, and families safe and healthy. I am asking for your support in our upcoming Town Elections on May 11th.

My qualifications include my position as a registered nurse, working in the Emergency Room at our community hospital. Being on the front lines, I understand implicitly the challenges our citizen’s encounter. I have a Master of Science in Nursing and work as a clinical educator at a local university as well which helps to keep me current on the latest trends and treatments. These positions give me a firsthand perspective of how community health guidelines impact patients as well as healthcare providers.

Further, I have seen how the recent health challenges have adversely affected so many people and small businesses. I believe that there must be a balance in regulations to insure, first and foremost, the health and safety of everyone, with consideration given to the economic impacts of emergency regulations. Being in a small business family and with friends who have been severely impacted by the COVID-19 regulations, I have a firsthand knowledge and experience to understand that the health department needs to consider the economic effects of decisions.

My goals are to gain access to vaccinations for those who wish to receive them in a timely manner, to return our Town economy to pre-pandemic levels, and to use evidence-based practice to ensure our collective health.

Please join me, Mikenzie Cain, along with my husband John and our two children, as well as our friends, neighbors, and family and honor me with your vote on May 11th. Thank you.

Mikenzie Cain



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