Moolicious Farm ‘scoop truck’ takes center stage

WESTFIELD-We all scream for ice cream this time of year and Moolicious Farm of Southwick will be the major attraction when a “Moolicious Curbside Ice Cream Splurge” takes place July 23 at the Westfield Senior Center.

“We will serve 150 curbside meals with our kitchen assistant George’s meatloaf on the menu and Joe Deedy’s Moolicious ice cream for dessert,” said Tina Gorman, executive director, Westfield Council on Aging, adding, “We expect a quick sellout.”

The Moolicious Farm scoop truck will be the main attraction when the Westfield Senior Center hosts an ice cream splurge event this month. Tickets must be reserved in advance. (MOOLICIOUS FARM PHOTO)

The meatloaf luncheon will include gravy, mashed potatoes, and vegetable.

“This is Joe’s first time working with us at the Westfield Senior Center,” said Gorman. “I approached him after I learned that he and the Southwick Council on Aging (COA) director, Cindy Sullivan, had worked on a project together for that town’s older adults.”

Gorman noted that during the pandemic, COA directors across the state are sharing ideas, brainstorming, and assisting each other with alternative programs and activities.

“In past years, our Ice Cream Splurge was held in the senior center’s Great Room in July,” said Gorman, noting attendees always “looked forward” to the fun-filled annual event.

“In this COVID-19 climate, we need to think outside of the box and reimagine our traditional programming,” said Gorman. “The COA staff thought that our seniors would welcome the Moolicious ice cream truck added to our curbside meal pickup.”

Deedy noted that Moolicious all-natural hard ice cream is made on-site with “fresh ingredients” from local farms and suppliers.

“We have created a formula for our hard ice cream that does not include corn syrup,” said Deedy, adding “If you try our strawberry or peach ice cream, the strawberries and peaches are from Calabrese Farms in Southwick. If you try our blueberry ice cream, those wild blueberries are from the Maple Corner Farm in Granville.”

The Moolicious Scoop Truck will be parked next to the meal distribution station.

For the July 23 event, persons having reservations will have a choice of chocolate, vanilla, or strawberry ice cream.

“Participants must call in advance to reserve a meal,” said Gorman. “When they do so, they must indicate their preferred flavor of ice cream.”

Gorman added that “multiple phone lines” will open for reservations beginning on July 9 at 1 p.m. by calling (413) 562-6435. Reservations will not be taken via voicemail, she said.

The cost of the dinner is $3 which will be paid curbside on the day of the event.

Gorman said each caller may reserve up to three meals and must provide the name, telephone number, and ice cream selection for each person on his or her reservation list.

Gorman said this special summer event is being sponsored by Matt Garlo of Westfield who has joined the race to be Westfield’s state representative. 

“Although the Council on Aging has a strict policy prohibiting political activity on the grounds of the Westfield Senior Center, anyone is welcome to sponsor one of our special events,” said Gorman, adding, “all they have to do is contact us and make the offer.”

Gorman also encouraged attendees picking up their lunch to introduce themselves to Garlo who will be assisting with the ice cream distribution.

“We are most grateful to Matt Garlo for sponsoring this special event,” said Gorman. “Please take a minute to introduce yourself and thank Matt as you pick up your meal and treat curbside.”

Gorman said events like the ice cream splurge are one way for older adults to also connect with local businesses.

“The COVID-19 pandemic is particularly problematic for older adults,” said Gorman, noting that because of their vulnerability to the illness, they must be extremely cautious about any type of physical contact.

“As our staff grapples with developing innovative programs and activities that are safe for our seniors, the assistance of local businesses is most welcome,” said Gorman.

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