State Rep. Nicholas A. Boldyga


Name: Rep. Nick Boldyga

Occupation/Education: State Representative / Western New England University

What experience and qualifications do you have that would be an asset to Southwick, Granville and Agawam?

I’m successfully doing the job of State Representative! I’m a husband and proud father of three, a homeowner and taxpayer. I have a degree from Western New England University, I’m a graduate of the State of Connecticut Police Academy, a graduate of the Western MA Reserve Police Officer Academy. I was a full-time police officer for a number of years and the recipient of a professional policing award for keeping drunk drivers off the road. I’ve advocated for broad based reforms like pension, welfare, and tax reform, while at the same time ensuring that our district gets its fair share.

Have you recently met with town department heads to discuss their needs/concerns/budgets and if so, which ones? What was your takeaway?

That would be the job of the Mayor of Agawam and the Select Boards of Granville and Southwick to meet with their department heads and discuss budget priorities. It’s my job to discuss the needs of the communities with the elected officials which I’ve regularly done. For example, Mayor Sapelli called me and asked me to attend a meeting that was being held the next day to discuss the Morgan-Sullivan Bridge project. I was the only legislator that attended the meeting on such short notice with Mayor Sapelli and Mayor Reichelt of West Springfield. We then worked together with the legislative delegation and the Gov. & Lt. Governor’s offices to secure the funding to accelerate the bridge project that will now finish almost a year early. In Southwick, the Select Board contacted me when they needed a new salt shed for the DPW facility. I was able to advocate on the state level and deliver a new salt shed for Southwick. Those are just a few examples.

What are your main concerns & potential solutions in each community?

I have a proven track record of advocating for local priorities and working around the clock to ensure our towns receive their fair share. While it is unfortunate that the federal government has stalled on providing any assistance, that should not come as a surprise. Partisan politics in Washington have reached toxic levels. I believe in the strength of our communities and know that we’ll be able to navigate these challenging times. The truth is, every year tens of millions of dollars are lost to wasteful spending, fraud, and frivolous projects. Dollars that otherwise could be used to help those in need. I am one of the few State Representatives that has had the courage to stand up to leadership to oppose those earmarks and will continue to do so as a responsible legislator. One thing is for certain, we cannot increase taxes on the hard-working people of our district who are already overburdened and deserve to keep more of their paychecks. If we work together to rein in spending and eliminate fraud then there is no question that we will have more than enough in our local and state budgets to provide all the necessary services needed to ensure our communities are safe and healthy places to live.

What prompted you to run for election? Why should residents vote for you?

I’m successfully doing the job of State Representative! I’ve advocated for broad based reforms like pension, welfare, and tax reform, while at the same time ensuring that our district gets its fair share. My ability to work across the aisle has led to funding significant district projects. For example, a complete renovation of the Agawam Jr. H.S. Auditorium, a new salt shed at the D.P.W. facility in Southwick and most notably, working with my colleagues to secure the funding to accelerate the Morgan-Sullivan Bridge Project which will now finish almost a year early! Now more than ever, it’s important for us to continue to rally and work together as a community. Together we can ensure that Agawam, Granville, and Southwick remain affordable and some of the best towns in Massachusetts to live, work, and raise a family. We must keep property taxes low and continue to fight against new taxes so that our communities remain attractive places for new businesses and affordable for working-class families. These past few months have been some of the most challenging for all of us, we’ve all been asked to make sacrifices. As your State Representative, I’ve worked around the clock to meet those challenges and that’s exactly what I’ll do if re-elected. I’d be honored to continue to serve as your State Representative!

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