Pinell not seeking re-election

Arthur Pinell

SOUTHWICK – Board of Selectmen Chairman Arthur Pinell has decided not to run for re-election.
Pinell has served on the board for nine years, was a member of the Board of Health for nine years before that, and said it’s time to move forward.
“I have a wonderful wife and grandchildren and a business to take care of. And a motorcycle that needs some attention,” said Pinell of his post-government plans.
Pinell said when he started out in town government, it was always his intention to serve, then leave when the time was right.
“When I first got involved in the selectmen I didn’t think it was a great idea to stay forever,” he said. “Change isn’t a bad thing.”
Pinell said he will miss the fast pace of the board.
“Southwick is a highly active community,” said Pinell. “From the schools to Whalley Park, the DPW facility, College Highway project – it takes a lot of time and there is always something going on.”
While Pinell said he will miss that, he is looking forward to spending time with family and work, and some “peace and quiet.” He said he will also miss the people.
“I’ve been glad to give my time and be able to meet so many people in the community,” he said.
While Pinell said he has heard a few rumblings around town of folks who may run for the seat, he believes now that his announcement is public there will be more residents willing to take on the job. His advice to the next selectman is pretty simple: be fair and have an open mind.
“Being fair and balanced will always be a benefit in the end,” Pinell said. “You have to be flexible and listen to everybody.”
When asked of his proudest achievement, Pinell said it was his approach rather than an individual accomplishment that made him proud.
“My general approach to town government was the most important thing,” he said. “I believe I had common sense leadership. Keeping in mind the tax burden is a big issue.”
Pinell stressed that he enjoyed his three terms as a selectmen and looks forward to gaining a new perspective  from “the outside.”

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