Police arrest two following chase

WESTFIELD–According to Westfield Police, twin brothers were arrested Friday evening following a chase that allegedly included both a vehicular pursuit on city streets and foot pursuit through backyards.

According to Westfield Police Capt. Michael McCabe, police arrested Richard M. Coates and Ronald M. Coates, both 38 and both of Middletown, Connecticut, following the pursuit. The reported twin brothers face numerous charges brought by police, including possession of class A drug and receiving a stolen vehicle and were arraigned at Westfield District Court.

Picture of Richard M. Coates, provided by Westfield Police.

Picture of Ronald M. Coates, provided by Westfield Police.

According to McCabe, police reported observing a vehicle around 6:45 p.m. on Friday, Jan. 12, parked along Russell Road with the driver’s side door open. According to police, the person on the driver’s side was allegedly squatted and “digging” into the driver’s side of the vehicle. A person was also reported in the front passenger seat.

Police investigated, reporting additionally that the driver had allegedly left for a period of time. According to police, the vehicle had reportedly come back as stolen out of Middletown.

Following this, police reported that the driver had allegedly entered the vehicle and drove from the area, reportedly without their lights on.

Police reported that they had attempted to stop the vehicle but it would not stop. The vehicle eventually came to the Highland View Street and King Street Extension intersection, according to police, and had reportedly lost control and “slid into a snowbank,” according to McCabe.

After this, McCabe reported that the two occupants allegedly fled the vehicle, going through backyards in the area.

Eventually, police reported that the pair had allegedly broken into a garage on Hubbard Street, though eventually left that. Police reported that the two suspects had allegedly left behind syringes and used heroin paraphernalia, which was later reportedly found by police canine.

After an additional short pursuit reportedly from the Hubbard Street location, police apprehended both Richard and Ronald Coates.

Police charged Richard M. Coates with motor vehicle lights violation, fail to stop for police, stop sign violation, reckless operation of a motor vehicle, receive stolen motor vehicle, possession class A drug, breaking and entering building nighttime for a felony and resist arrest.

Meanwhile, police charged Ronald M. Coates with possession class A drug, breaking and entering nighttime for a felony, receive stolen motor vehicle and resist arrest.

McCabe reported additionally, that while in police custody the suspects allegedly stated that they had swallowed drugs. Both were transported to Baystate Noble Hospital via Westfield Fire ambulance and personnel for treatment.

Ronald M. Coates was held in lieu of $25,000 cash bail or $250,000 bond following arraignment, pending a hearing Feb. 7.

Richard M. Coates was held in lieu of $20,000 cash bail or $200,000 bond following arraignment, also pending a hearing Feb. 7.

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