Police Log, April 19 & 20, 2014

Emergency Response and Crime Report
Saturday April 19, 2014
1:55 a.m.: incapacitated person, North Elm Street, a taxi driver reports a fare who appeared to be intoxicated grabbed his arm and shook it causing him to eject the man from his cab, the caller said that he is concerned that the man may attempt to drive to Ludlow, the officer reports he found a male party walking on Clay Hill who was obviously highly intoxicated, the man was deemed to be unable to care for himself and nobody who would could be found, the man was placed in protective custody;
9:53 a.m.: suspicious persons, Parkside Academy, Casimir Street at Parkside Avenue, a caller reports a couple on the steps of the former church are drinking alcohol, the responding officer reports he found two known person who were advised of their violation, the two dumped their alcohol and left to redeem the deposits on the containers;
10:18 a.m.: motor vehicle violation, Union Avenue, a patrol officer reports a traffic stop, the vehicle’s registration was found to be expired and non-renewable, the vehicle was towed to the police impound yard;
12:38 p.m.: recreational vehicle complaint, Old Holyoke Road, ATV patrol officers report they discovered a three parked vehicles on Old Holyoke Road and was appeared to be set up to transport ATV vehicles, an officer reports he encountered a dirt bike operating on private property which did not stop when he attempted to flag it down, three off-road vehicles were seen later with the original rider and he attempted to stop the group, one operator stopped and one returned, the officer took appropriate action and reports that three pedestrians later found in the woods denied they had been operating off-road vehicles but an officer recognized one as the men of the operator of first ATV which fled from him, the second time the officers encountered the group they eventually admitted that had been riding in the area, the memory card from a helmet camera was seized, West Springfield police later reported finding three off-road vehicles had been stashed across the line in their city;
2:34 p.m.: city ordinance violation, Chapman Playground, St. Paul Street, a caller reports four male parties are drinking alcohol on the dike near the playground, the responding officer reports the men were advised of their violation of a city ordinance violation and emptied their beer on to the ground;
2:38 p.m.: found property, Jefferson Street a caller reports finding a driver’s license in his driveway, the owner could not be immediately contacted but a message was left for her, the license was stored for safekeeping;
3:30 p.m.: suspicious telephone call, a caller from a Southwick Road business reports she received a phone call from a person claiming to be a representative of the Westfield Gas and Electric Light Department and demanding an immediate $1,000 payment under threat of immediate suspension of utility service, the caller reports that when she called the G&E to investigate the validity of the claim she was told to report the call to police, an officer was on hand when the man called back and coached the complainant to gather all possible information, the complainant was able to elicit the caller’s name and telephone number but not his location;
4:11 p.m.: larceny, Main Street, a patrol officer reports he was flagged down by a woman who was found to be the manager of a nearby supermarket and said that two persons had fled the store with hams they had not paid for, the officer was told the two men put a ham and other merchandise in a hand-held shopping basket and ran out of the store, an officer found two men who fit the description provided on Thomas Street who admitted shoplifting, the store manager made a positive identification and a shopping basket containing a ham, pineapple and other items with a total value of $54.82 was found concealed n a nearby parking lot, James B. Nester, 18, of 4 Morris Ave., and Zachary Cross, 18, of 49 James St., Chicopee, were each arrested for shoplifting by asportation;
4:17 p.m.: animal complaint, Sunnyside Drive a caller reports a cat has been in her yard since 8 a.m. and has not moved far during those hours but has been curled in a ball while hissing and breathing heavily, a representative of the Westfield Homeless Cat Project was notified and agreed to come deal with the cat;
4:26 p.m.: rescue, Hampton Ponds, Pequot Point Road at New Broadway, a caller reports a canoe has overturned and the boaters in the water are yelling for help, dual response dispatched and Southampton police were notified as the boat may have been in their jurisdiction, the reporting party called back 12 minutes later to report that the boaters have been rescued by the operator of another boat and they are in a boat which is towing their canoe to shore, the fire department boat and other apparatus was recalled;
6:08 p.m.: fire, Hampton Ponds Plaza, 1029 North Road, a caller from a food market reports a smoky fire at the entrance, the responding firefighters report the fire was extinguished, the caller said that someone had been seen earlier smoking near the column which burned;
7:06 p.m.: larceny, Miller Street, a caller reports a larceny of $2,000 in cash, the responding officer reports the victim said that $2,100 which she had last counted three weeks earlier was missing from her dresser, woman said that a friend of a relative had been staying at her home for several weeks and she suspects that person is responsible, the officer reports he was unable to immediately contact the woman’s former houseguest;
8:05 p.m.: disturbance, Elm Street, a caller reports a man is on the sidewalk in front of an Elm Street bar, the responding officer reports he arrived to find a male party on the sidewalk with a scalp wound which was bleeding freely and a cut to his mouth where at least one tooth appeared to be broken, a witness said that a man had picked up the victim bodily and thrown him the sidewalk where he landed on his head, a bar employee present claimed responsibility for the man’s injuries and said that after he escorted the man from the bar he tried to re-enter and the employee pushed him causing him to fall, the employee said that the man may have struck his head on a window sill as he fell, Scott H. Kaczmarski, 46, of 172 Bemis Ave., Chicopee, was arrested for assault and battery with serious bodily injury;
10:46 p.m.: fire, Pochassic Road, a caller from CSX railroad reports a train crew saw a bonfire between the river and the railroad tracks near Pochassic Street, the responding firefighters requested that CSX be contacted to suspend use of the tracks as they access the fire, a brush fire extending about 100 yards along the river was extinguished;

Sunday, April 20, 2014
12:12 a.m.: motor vehicle violation, North Elm Street, a patrol officer reports he observed a vehicle without an illuminated registration plate and stopped the vehicle, the operator’s license was found to have been suspended, Marcos E. Masso, 27, of 56 Orange St., was arrested for operating a motor vehicle with a suspended license, a subsequent offense, and a motor vehicle lights violation;
12:36 a.m.: larceny, Main Street, a caller reports his bicycle has been stolen, the responding officer reports the caller said that after his workplace closed he found that his bicycle was missing, the man said that it was stolen some time since 11:55 p.m.;
2:22 a.m.: suspicious person, East Main Street, a caller from a fast food restaurant reports that a customer at the drive-up window appears to be intoxicated and belligerent, the responding officer reports the operator was not inebriated but a passenger seen to be in possession of an open can of beer was highly intoxicated, a city ordinance violation citation was issued and the operator was allowed to leave in his vehicle;
2:51 a.m.: disturbance, George Street, a caller reports that his neighbor’s altercation has been audible for hours and now sounds as if it may be becoming physical, the responding officer reports a female party found outside the residence said that her mother had been involved in a disturbance with her boyfriend and had pushed him against a wall causing him to fall to the ground, the officer reports the man had left and the resident said that her boyfriend had caused the disturbance but declined to elaborate, Heather M. Twining, 33, of 63 George St., was arrested for assault and battery in a domestic relationship;
10:42 a.m.: assist other department, Mt. Tom, Holyoke, Holyoke firefighters request mutual aid for a brush fire atop Mt. Tom, the brush truck with a crew of two was dispatched to assist Holyoke firefighters, the unit was released at 1:58 p.m.;
2:20 p.m.: fire, West Road, a caller reported the location of a small brush fire alongside West Road, the responding fire captain reports that an area approximately 50 x 100 feet was involved until the fire was extinguished;
3:03 p.m.: noise complaint, Jaeger Drive, a caller reports someone is target shooting in the area where the pavement ends, the responding officer reports the shooting of a small weapon was significantly more than 500 feet from the nearest dwelling in a swampy area which may be beyond the city limits, no action needed;
4:37 p.m.: animal complaint, Fowler Avenue, a caller reports an injured bird of some sort is stuck on her car, the responding officer reports the bird appears to be an injured juvenile hawk which cannot fly but can flutter a few feet and evade even well-meaning persons, an environmental police officer was notified and advised that the bird be left alone and nature be allowed to take its course, the officer reports he was unable to safely dispatch the bird and the caller was advised to stay away from the bird which had left her car;
4:58 p.m.: larceny, Springfield Road, an officer reports that while at a Springfield Road department store for an unrelated matter he was advised that an apparent shoplifter had fled from store employees when asked for the receipt for the two expensive electronic items in his car, the merchandise was recovered but the suspect fled across the Springfield Road, the CSX railroad was notified and stopped train traffic in the area until 5:14 p.m. when officers secured the area, a suspect vehicle was identified by store staff;
6:30 p.m.: assist resident, Wilson Avenue, a caller reports keys are locked inside a vehicle, the responding deputy fire chief reports entry was gained;
8:00 p.m.: fire, Shepard Street, a caller reports a backyard bonfire, the responding firefighters report the resident extinguished the fire, the same person called again at 10:52 to make the same report with the same results;
11:40 p.m.: vandalism, Rachael Terrace, a caller reports a baseball was thrown through a window screen, the responding officer reports that the caller said that he heard a noise in a front room and his dog started barking, the juvenile resident reports that he got to the window in time to see a person get into a truck and leave the area, the screen has a baseball-sized hole but the underlying glass was not compromised.

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