Police Log, April 21, 2014

Emergency Response and Crime Report
Monday April 21, 2014
12:56 a.m.: suspicious activity, North Elm Street, a patrol officer reports he encountered a group of skateboarders in the middle of the roadway, the officer reports the leader of the group protested that he has the right to use his skateboard in the road and the officer informed him about the dangers of doing so, the youth organized the departure of himself and his friends;
1:00 a.m.: vandalism, Sackett Road, a caller reports someone smashed a window of her husband’s vehicle in their driveway, the responding officer reports the caller said that someone had thrown rocks, possible from a passing vehicle, at the vehicles in her driveway, the rear window of a van was shattered and the quarter panel of a second vehicle was dinged;
8:15 a.m.: fire, Glenwood Drive, a caller reports a neighbor ‘s burning leaves are creating a lot of smoke and she is concerned that embers from the fire may land on her roof, the responding deputy fire chief reports that burning was allowed that day but the resident nonetheless extinguished the fire;
9:15 a.m.: fraud, Elm Street, a representative of an Elm Street restaurant came to the station to complain that he had been scammed, the responding officer reports the man said that he received a telephone call from a person who claimed to represent the G&E and said that his account was $1,438 in arrears, the caller demanded immediate payment under threat of immediate suspension of utility service, the complainant said that he had bought instant money transfer cards in the required amount and made the telephone transfer of funds, the case was referred to the financial crimes unit of the Detective Bureau;
9:59 a.m.: motor vehicle violation, Pleasant Street, a traffic enforcement officer reports he observed a vehicle operating without a valid inspection sticker and stopped the utility vehicle, the operator said that she had no license, the officer found that the woman’s license had been revoked as habitual traffic offender, Elba Pellot, 60, of 89 Summer St., Springfield, was arrested for operating a motor vehicle with a license revoked as a habitual traffic offender;
10:01 a.m.: breaking and entering, Church Street, a caller reports she was away for the weekend and returned to find her apartment had been broken into, the responding officer reports the victim said that all the tenants in the building are college students and all left on Friday for the Easter weekend, the woman said that she is the first to return and she has found that the doors to all there apartments had been forcibly opened, the woman said that property valued at more than $1,000 was stolen from her but she does not know what her neighbors may have lost, the case was referred to the Detective Bureau;
1:00 p.m.: disturbance, Franklin Street, a caller reports his wife received a Skype call from a friend who said her husband had smashed her phone during a disturbance, the responding officer reports the male party was waiting for him when he arrived and said that his wife had awakened him and he had been too upset to be disturbed, the man said that he had flipped a table over and broke a cellphone that he pays for, the female party said that the man had been drinking for two days and had been sleeping it off when she woke him to get vehicular keys so she could take the children out, the woman said that the man overturned a table and threw her over the couch, the woman said that during the disturbance her 9-year-old daughters suffered a cut lip, the woman said she fled to her bedroom to call police but the man took her phone and smashed it, she then tried to barricade herself inside the room with a chair but the man smashed the chair, the officer reports he saw the smashed phone and remains of the chair but found both items are the man’s property, Nathan A. Labay, 30, of 87 Franklin St., was arrested for assault and battery in a domestic relationship and for intimidating a witness;
2:18 p.m.: found property, Chapel Street, a landlord came to the station to surrender a mountain bike found on the lawn of a property he owns, the bike was stored for safekeeping;
2:41 p.m.: assist other department, a State Police dispatcher relayed a request for assistance from the Montgomery fire department, the Westfield brush truck was dispatched to assist in Montgomery, the truck was released t 5:08 p.m.;
3:04 p.m.: animal complaint, Butternut Road, a caller reports she has taken custody of a stray female pit bull puppy, the animal control officer responded and transported the puppy to the municipal animal shelter;
4:37 p.m.: burning complaint, King Street, a caller reports a permitted fire in the area is disturbing him, the responding firefighters report the resident extinguished the fire;
5:14 p.m.: breaking and entering, East Main Street, a resident came to the station to complain that his prescribed pain medication was stolen from his car, the responding officer reports the complainant said that he had parked his vehicle at an East Main Street parking lot and returned about 20 minutes later to find that the bottle of pills he had left on the passenger seat with the doors unlocked and the windows partially open had been stolen;
5:40 p.m.: arrest, Elm Street, a community policing officer reports that he sought the subjects of a warrant relative to an ongoing narcotics investigation, the subject of the warrants were found at their home, Katherine M. Cousineau, 55, and Jeffrey Craig Cousineau, 52, of 97 Elm Street, were each arrested on a warrant;
6:29 p.m.: identity fraud, Joseph Avenue, a resident came to the station to complain of being dunned for an overdue utility account she did not open, the responding officer reports the woman said that she had received a $481 overdue bill form Western Massachusetts Electric Company for service at a Springfield address, the woman said that she has never lived at the address nor did she open the account, the case was referred to the financial crimes unit of the Detective Bureau;
7:43 p.m.: suspicious activity, Great River Bridge, North Elm Street, officers report investigating a fire on the north side of the river near the Great River Bridge, the officers report they found a known woman and her 8-year-old daughter had started a small fire, the officers found that the woman accesses the area by walking along active railroad tracks so she was advised not to return, she was also advised that fires such as hers are not permitted;
10:26 p.m.: disturbance, Munger Hill Road, multiple callers report an underage drinking party, the responding officers observed many parked vehicles and young people in the area, the officers found one residence where they could hear persons fleeing from the back door and jumping over fences when they arrived, the officer spoke with a juvenile resident there who said her mother was away, the girl gathered about 10 youths who were still in the house, the officer spoke with her mother by phone who asked that the house be turned over to the control of a family friend, two male parties were transported to the station to await pickup by parents.

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