Police Log, December 14 & 15, 2013

Emergency Response and Crime Report
Saturday, Dec. 14, 2013
1:50 a.m.: unwanted guest, Franklin Street, a caller reports several persons in her apartment are engaged in a verbal and physical altercation, the responding officer reports the tenant said that her friends were arguing and she could not make them stop, the officer reports he entered and separated the arguing male parties and once he had their attention the resident asked them to leave, the officer ensured compliance;
1:08 p.m.: animal complaint, Valley View Drive, the animal control officer reports she took custody of two dogs which were being held by a Valley View Drive resident;
4:45 p.m.: well being check, North Elm Street, a patrol officer reports he was flagged down by a who stated that his friend was under the influence of narcotics and is violent, the responding officer reports the man was found, denied narcotics use, and did not appear to be impaired, a routine check revealed him to be the subject of outstanding warrants, Wayne M. Litwak, 43, of 20 Birchwood Road, Southwick, was arrested on three warrants;
5:08 p.m.: larceny, Springfield Road, a caller from a Springfield Road department store reports a shoplifter is in the store, the responding officer reports that a person who has previously been suspected of shoplifting was seen in the store and observed to conceal merchandise, an assistant manager said that the woman was detained after she passed through a self checkout lane without making payment for the concealed items, merchandise valued at $29.45 was recovered, Alicia Englehardt, 31, of 125 Main St., was arrested for shoplifting by asportation, a second offense;
5:41 p.m.: animal complaint, Hillcrest Circle, a caller reports she has taken custody of a 50-pound tan male dog which has been begging at her door for weeks and appears to be ravenous and neglected, the responding animal control officer reports the dog was transported to the municipal animal shelter;
6:18 p.m.: parking violations, various officers report violations of the snow parking regulations, vehicles were ticketed on Holland Avenue, Day Avenue, Avery Street, Noble Avenue, Woronoco Avenue, Bush Street, Meadow Street, Dubois Street, Yale Street, Frederick Street, Cleveland Avenue, Kellogg Street, Lozier Avenue, Lincoln Street, Toledo Avenue, Jefferson Street, Hampden Street, West School Street, Green Avenue, Bates Street, Church Street, Elm Street, Broad Street, Monroe Street, George Street, Princeton Street, East Bartlett Street and Highland Avenue;
11:33 p.m.: domestic disturbance, Bates Street, a caller reports her boyfriend is intoxicated and assaulted her, the responding officer reports the woman said that the man had pushed her and the officer observed red marks and scratches on her cheek and neck, the man had left the residence but the officer was able to find him by following his tracks in the snow, Mitchell C. Moraczewski, 42, of 28 Cranston St., was arrested for assault and battery in a domestic relationship;

Sunday, Dec. 15, 2013
1:52 a.m.: larceny, Broad Street, a patrol officer reports he observed two youths running in the middle of the street during the snowstorm and saw one run to the door a medical facility and tear down a wreath which he carried away, the officer reports he stopped both young men, Joshua W. Blayer, 20, of 28 Pilgrim Road, Marblehead, was arrested for larceny of property valued less than $250, the officer deemed the other youth to be too intoxicated to care for himself and he was placed in protective custody;
7:34 a.m.: found property, Elm Street, a resident approached an officer at an Elm Street gas station to surrender a found wallet, the officer reports he was not able to immediately contact the owner of the wallet which was stored at the station for safekeeping;
10:08 a.m.: parking violation, Franklin Street municipal parking lot, a caller from the parking clerk’s office requests an officer to assist with towing vehicles from the lot to permit snowplowing, the responding officer reports he activated his lights and siren to draw the attention of vehicle owners to the lot, nonetheless five vehicles were towed to the police impound yard;
11:00 a.m.: Thomas Street municipal parking lot, a caller from the parking clerk’s officer requests an officer to assist with towing vehicles from the lot to permit snowplowing, the responding officer reports five vehicles were towed;
11:22 a.m.: parking violation, animal complaint, Sackett Road, a caller reports three donkeys are running loose toward Janis Road, the responding officer reports services were rendered;
11:48 a.m.: parking violation, Arnold Street municipal parking lot, a traffic enforcement officer reports numerous snow parking violations, six vehicles were towed to the police impound yard;
1:50 p.m.: robbery, Mill Street, multiple callers report a robbery, see story in the Monday edition of The Westfield News;
5:18 p.m.: wellbeing check, Summer Street, a caller reports a small dog is abandoned in a house and it is very cold, the responding officer reports the caller was intoxicated and could not keep her story straight but an investigation revealed that the address in question appears to be abandoned and has a history of use by homeless persons, a door was found to be open and a search revealed a dog without water or food, the dog was transported to the municipal animal shelter.

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