Police Log, February 12, 2014

Emergency Response and Crime Report
Wednesday, Feb. 12, 2014
12:11 a.m.: motor vehicle violation, South Maple Street, a patrol officer requests a tow for a vehicle found to have registration revoked for lack of insurance, the vehicle was towed to the police impound yard;
3:20 a.m.: suspicious person, Grove Avenue at Southampton Road, a caller reports she observed a person running on Grove Avenue attempt to break into two vehicles, the responding officer reports he determined that three unlocked vehicles had been entered and property had been stolen, the officer reports that a man who appeared to match the caller’s description was found in the area and interviewed but was not found to be in possession of any property which had been stolen from any of the vehicles;
12:53 p.m.: infrastructure complaint, Springfield Road, a caller reports two large potholes are almost merging on Springfield Road, the caller said that she was told by workers at a nearby business that 19 motorists have so far needed to replace tires after hitting the holes, the DPW was notified;
6:23 p.m.: burning complaint, Colfax Street, a patrol officer reports she observed a fire burning in an oil drum incinerator which was inside a fenced and locked yard, the property owner was contacted and said that he rents the yard to three parties and does not have a key to locked gate, the fire department was asked to respond to extinguish the fire.

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