Police Log, January 31, 2013

Emergency Response and Crime
Thursday, Jan. 31, 2013
4:28 a.m.; weather complaint, Lockhouse Road at Servistar Industrial Way, a patrol officer reports a fallen tree is blocking access to Servistar Way from Lockhouse Road, the DPW was notified and responded at 5:36 a.m., the road was opened for traffic by 5:56 a.m.;
5:45 a.m.: weather complaint, Little River Road, a patrol supervisor reports a clogged storm drain is making the road nearly impassable, the DPW was notified;
8:37 a.m.: weather complaint, Court Street, a caller reports a tree fell on his vehicle, the responding officer reports the caller said that he turned from Court Street into a driveway and his car was struck by a branch which fell from a rotted tree on the tree belt, the man said his windshield was damaged ,the DPW was advised;
1:20 p.m.: larceny, Aldrich Drive, a resident came to the station to report the theft of cash from his bedroom, the responding officer reports the man said that he discovered cash had been stolen from his bedroom since Tuesday, the man said that during that time his girlfriend had been in the residence and emergency responders had also been there in response to a medical call;
1:30 p.m.: safety drill, Juniper Park School, 715 Western Ave., officers report they executed a “Code White” drill to practice response to an intruder in a school;
3:40 p.m.: harassment, a detective reports a resident complained of online harassment, the detective reports she spoke with both parties and advised them to refrain from online contact;
4:33 p.m.: arrest, Fowler Street, officers were detailed to attempt to located the subject of outstanding warrant and execute those warrants, the officers report the subject answered the door of her last known address, Yaribeth Velez, 35, of 15 Fowler St., was arrested on two warrants without incident;
5:47 p.m.: larceny, Root Road, a resident came to the station to report the theft of scrap metal from his yard, the responding officer reports the resident said that aluminum pots and pans had been stolen from his yard, the officer reports there have been two similar thefts at the location in January;
7:36 p.m.: assault, Riverside Road, a caller reports he was punched by a known party, the responding officer reports the complainant said that his roommates girlfriend punched his face and ripped his shirt, the officer reports he did not observe any signs of injury on the man’s face although he did note damage to the shirt, the officer spoke with the female party who said that she had been involved in an altercation with the man who was “in her face” and when she pushed him away he ripped his own shirt, the officer advised ht man he could seek a criminal complaint at Westfield District Court if he chose to, the incident occurred in the presence of the woman’s child and the Department of Children and Families was notified, see 9:09 p.m.: entry;
7:55 p.m.: assist citizen, McKinley Terrace, a caller reports that her landlord came to her apartment with property which had been stolen from her in a previous incident, the responding officer reports the caller said that her landlord had told her that a large television and a surround sound audio system which had been stolen previously were in a locked area of the basement, the detective reports that the landlord said that he had shown the apartment to a prospective tenant and may have inadvertently left it unlocked before the property was stolen, the landlord said that he felt responsible and took steps to find the stolen property, another tenant said that he knew somebody who was aware of stolen property and might be of assistance and he went with that man to a Springfield address he could not specify and found the stolen property, the tenant said that he recognized the property as belonging to his neighbor and seized it despite the objection of the person who was in possession of it, the detective took custody of the property;
9:09 p.m.: disturbance, Riverside Drive, a caller reports that a person whom he had complained of earlier had returned to the apartment and was in violation of a protective order, the responding officer confirmed the order and reports the suspect was found hiding inside a closet, Jasmine Jade Kaempfer, 23, of 6 Thomas Road, Huntington, was arrested for violation of an abuse prevention order;
10:56 p.m.: disturbance, Summit Drive, a caller reports that her 14-year-old son is “out of control” and struck her boyfriend, the responding officer reports the caller said that an altercation began when she forbade the boy to leave the house and he assaulted her, the officer reports a male party present restrained the boy, the officer reports that when he attempted to take control of the boy he punched out and pushed the officer, the boy was taken to the ground where he punched and attempted to kick the officer repeatedly until a second officer employed an electronic control device, the juvenile boy was arrested for being delinquent by reason of assault and battery in a domestic relationship, by assault and battery on a police officer and by resisting arrest.

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