Police Log, July 26, 2012

Emergency Response and Crime Report
Thursday, July 26, 2012
12:22 a.m.: noise complaint, a caller complains of the noise from a small party where the participants have a campfire and fireworks, the responding officer reports he found a small group of persons with a fire who admitted fireworks use and agreed to be more quiet;
7:14 a.m.: motor vehicle violation, Court St., a detective requests a tow for a vehicle found to have expired registration, the vehicle was towed to the police impound yard;
7:26 a.m.: accident, Pontoosic Road, a caller reports a police officer was struck by a dump truck, see stories in Thursday’s and Friday’s editions of The Westfield News;
10:34 a.m.: animal complaint, Granville Road, a caller reports taking custody of a stray dog in Stanley Park the night before, the responding animal control officer reports a male tan pug dog mix was transported to the municipal animal shelter;
10:46 a.m.: vandalism, Frederick Street, a resident came to the station to complain of vandalism to his vehicle, the responding officer reports the man said that his vehicle was parked in front of a relative’s residence about 9 p.m. Tuesday and in the morning was found to have been keyed on the right side;
11:11 a.m.: fire, Southampton Road, a caller reports smoke is coming from under the hood of a running vehicle, the responding firefighters report the keys were locked inside the vehicle, entry was gained and the hood was opened to reveal that the engine was overheating and coolant was boiling;
7:24 p.m.: larceny, Main Street, a caller reports her wallet was stolen from her purse, the responding officer reports the woman said that a smoke alarm sounded and her building was evacuated, the woman said that she left her purse on the ground when she went to assist firefighters and returned to find her wallet missing from the purse;
7:51 p.m.: breaking and entering, Chapel Street, a caller reports an attempt was made to kick in a neighbor’s door, the responding officer reports he was told that two teen-aged friends had a falling out over a financial issue and one boy was threatened by the other’s father who said that he would damage the boy’s home, the boy said that subsequently the door to his home was found to have been kicked in and the interior was ransacked, a video game system was stolen, the case was referred to the detective bureau;
Friday, July 27, 2012
12:03 a.m.: disturbance, Econo-Lodge, 2 Southampton Road, a caller reports her intoxicated husband assaulted her during an argument, the responding officer reports the visibly upset woman said that her husband had slapped her face, pulled her by her hair and thrown her down on the bed, the officer reports he saw blood and a clump of hair on the bed, the man said that his wife had assaulted him and denied slapping the woman or pulling her hair, Ricardo de la Huerta, 43, of 2207 Logan St., Rockford, Ill., was arrested for assault and battery in a domestic relationship;
4:15 a.m.: accident, South Maple Street, a caller reports an accident, the responding officer reports the operator said that he swerved to avoid a raccoon in the roadway and lost control, the vehicle crossed the roadway and stuck a utility pole which fell into the roadway, the G&E was notified;
4:46 a.m.: disturbance, Elm Street, a caller reports a domestic disturbance, the responding officer reports a woman said that her boyfriend had destroyed her laptop compute and two cell phones, the woman showed the officer the remains of the items, the man had left the area and was not found at his usual locations, a criminal complaint was filed;
7:39 a.m.: vandalism, The Meadows Apartments, 34 Meadow St., a resident came to the station to report that overnight ketchup was smeared on her vehicle while it was parked, the complainant does not require a formal report but wants the incident documented;
8:08 a.m.: vandalism, Harrison Avenue, a caller reports vandalism to a motor vehicle, the responding officer reports the caller said that between 5:50-7:30 a.m. a window of her vehicle was smashed while it was parked at her residence, the woman told the officer that although the vehicle was packed with fishing equipment and a GPS device was visible nothing was taken from the van;
9:18 a.m.: breaking and entering, Southampton Road, a caller from an auto sales company reports vehicles were entered overnight and mail was stolen, the responding officer reports the caller said that a customer’s vehicle was entered but nothing was taken, the man also said that outgoing mail which had contained checks were stolen;
10:38 a.m.: accident, U.S. Post Office, 8 W. Silver St., a caller reports a vehicle struck plate glass windows about two hours earlier, the responding officer reports that the caller said that apparently a parking vehicle went too far into a marked parking space and struck the plate glass windows around the entry of the post office causing damage, the vehicle left the area.

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