Police Log, July 27-29, 2012

Emergency Response and Crime Report
Friday, July 27, 2012
6:34 p.m.: found property, Court Street, a caller reports finding several hypodermic syringes in a church parking lot, the responding officer reports the needles were transported to Noble Hospital for proper disposal;
11:20 p.m.: noise complaint, Cardinal Lane, a caller reports a loud party, the responding officer reports about 100 youths were dispersed from a party;
Saturday, July 28, 2012
3:33 a.m.: trespassing, Half Mile Falls Park, North Elm Street, a dispatcher reports two persons were seen in the park on security monitors, the responding officer reports the parties were advised of the pertinent city ordinance and left the park without incident;
6:58 a.m.: motor vehicle violation, East Main Street, a traffic enforcement officer reports he observed a vehicle fail to stop for a stop sign when entering Springfield Road from Union Street, the officer reports the vehicle pulled into an East Main Street parking lot when he activated his cruiser’s take down lights and a check revealed that the operator’s license had been suspended, a citation was issued for the infraction and James P. Roberts, 27, of 27 Kennedy Drive, Huntington, was arrested for operating a motor vehicle with a suspended license;
9:23 a.m.: larceny, Noble Hospital, a security officer reports an iPhone was stolen from an employee’s purse, the responding officer reports that the victim said that the phone was stolen from her purse between 6-8 a.m., the victim said that an application on her phone indicated it was at a Highland Avenue address, he officer reports that while en route to the address he was advised that the phone had appeared on a table in the victim’s work area;
10:37 a.m.: suspicious person, Hanover Street, a caller reports finding a man sleeping in her daughter’s bed, see story in Monday’s edition of The Westfield News;
3:09 p.m.: animal complaint, Russell Road, a caller reports taking custody of a stray golden retriever dog, a responding animal control officer transported the dog to the municipal animal shelter;
3:34 p.m.: Birch Road, a caller reports smoke in the area of Birch Road, the responding firefighters report they dealt with a burning complaint;
6:27 p.m.: larceny, Springfield Road, a caller from a Springfield Road department store reports a shoplifter in the store, the responding officer reports a security employee said a male party was seen leaving the electronics department with a pair of headphones and was accosted in parking lot after he left the store without making payment for the merchandise but left in a described vehicle;
Sunday, July 29, 2012
1:17 a.m.: trespassing, Half Mile Falls Park, North Elm Street, a dispatcher reports three persons with bicycles were seen in the park on security monitors, the responding officer reports a routine check of the parties revealed one was the subject of an outstanding warrant, Anthony J. McQuade, 52, of 89 Franklin St., was arrested on the warrant;
1:19 a.m.; suspicious person, Elm Street, a patrol officer reports he observed a male party walking with a city parking sign, the officer reports the man said he found the sign in an alley off Thomas Street and thought it was abandoned, the officer advised the man that the sign was removed for construction and would be returned, the man was required to return the sign where he found it and left the area;
1:34 a.m.: threatening to commit a crime, Western Avenue, a caller reports threats have been made to do him bodily harm, the responding officer reports the caller said that he had been at a party where two of the guests became engaged in an argument and he felt compelled to intervene which he did by punching one of the young men, the youth expressed remorse and said that such action is unlike him, the young man said that he has since been advised that the victim has made arrangements for others to assault him, the officer reports he spoke with the victim at the hospital where he received six sutures for a cut lip and the victim said that he remembers being punched but is vague about the details of the incident, he said he knew nothing about threats to retaliate against his assailant and said that he did not wish to pursue criminal charges at that time, the victim subsequently came to the station and said that he had changed his mind and wanted to file charges, the officer reports the victim was in too much pain to make a statement and said that he would return at a later date;
2:12 a.m.: disturbance, Union Street, a caller reports a noise complaint, the responding officer reports he found more than 10 persons in a driveway, the officer spoke with one woman who said that two tires of her vehicle were punctured at a bar and she came to confront the person she believes to be responsible, the suspect denied culpability;
9:19 a.m.: breaking and entering, Westwood Drive, a resident came to the station to report his home was entered and property was stolen, the responding officer reports the complainant said that he took a sleeping aid before he retired and left his wallet on a table as usual, the man said that in the morning he discovered $500 in cash missing from his wallet and a packet of legal and medical documents was missing, the man said that it is possible that the items were not stolen but were mislaid;
11:55 p.m.: breaking and entering, Route 20., Russell, a Huntington resident reports a larceny from his vehicle, the man said that while working in Westfield he had received a call from a former acquaintance with whom he no longer wishes to associate and told him so, the man said that after he left work he went to an address in Russell where he parked his vehicle and when he returned he saw the former acquaintance inside his vehicle, the complainant said that the man exited and entered a vehicle which left the area and the caller followed until he broke off the chase on East Main Street, the victim said his wallet and cell phone were stolen, the man was advised to report the incident to State Police at the Russell barracks.

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