Police Log, June 27, 2014

Emergency Response and Crime Report
Friday, June 27, 2014
12:09 a.m.: incapacitated person, Chapel Street at Elm Street, a caller reports a male party lying on the ground next to a bike, the responding officer reports the man was found to be highly intoxicated and was transported to the station where he was found to be in possession of a small amount of marijuana, a city ordinance violation citation was issued and the man was surrendered to his father’s custody;
12:36 a.m.: disturbance, Woodmont Street, a caller reports hearing a domestic disturbance, the responding officer reports a resident advised him that his wife came home intoxicated and he asked a relative to come and take him and his child away but when they got into the car his wife became upset and grabbed the door of the vehicle to prevent it from leaving, the woman was pulled off balance when the car left and she suffered facial injuries when she fell, the woman was transported to Noble Hospital where she was treated and released;
8:00 a.m.: vandalism, Ponders Hollow Road, a caller reports vandalism at the rail trail construction site, the responding officer reports the complainant said that an oil pressure gauge was broken on one of the pieces of heavy equipment and reinforcing rod was thrown into the river, the caller estimated the cost of the vandalism at nearly $250;
9:22 a.m.: vandalism, Munger Hill Road, a caller reports her mailbox was knocked over during the night, the caller does not require a formal report but wants the damage documented;
11:31 a.m.: assist citizen, Main Street, a resident requests assistance to gather property from an address he is barred from by a restraining order, the responding officer reports the man collected his belongings without incident;
12:28 p.m.: larceny, East Mountain Road, a caller reports the theft of construction materials, the responding officer reports that the caller said that some copper removed from her home during a renovation project was stolen from her yard, the caller does not require a formal report but wants her loss documented;
1:17 p.m.: found property, Church Street, a resident came to the station to surrender a ring of keys found on Church Street, the keys were stored for safekeeping;
1:18 p.m.: found property, Washington Street at Franklin Street, a supervisory officer reports a pedestrian surrendered a cellphone found in the area, the officer reports the owner could not be determined and the phone was stored for safekeeping;
1:27 p.m.: suspicious person, Fairfield Avenue, a caller reports that his son had called to tell him that a naked man in their backyard is using the garden hose, the responding officer reports his investigation showed that the man had been released from Noble Hospital about two hours earlier, the man was found to be the subject of an outstanding warrant issued in Vermont but it is not clear if extradition is possible, the man was returned to hospital on the authority of an involuntary commitment order;
1:35 p.m.: fraud, Canal Drive, a resident came to the station to report his personal information was used fraudulently with the IRS, the responding officer reports that he was notified by the IRS that additional tax was due because unreported income was discovered, the man said that the IRS reported income from three companies he never worked for was apparently paid to a person using his name and other personal information in Brooklyn, N.Y., the case was referred to the financial crimes unit of the Detective Bureau;
2:47 p.m.: vandalism, Munger Hill Road, an officer reports that while investigating previous reports of vandalism to mailboxes in the area he discovered that a real estate sign and a mailbox had been uprooted but were not damaged, the investigation remains ongoing;
3:06 p.m.: fraud, Murray Avenue, a resident reports someone applied for unemployment benefits using her personal information, the responding officer reports the woman said that she got two letters from state officials relative to unemployment benefits she did not apply for, the woman said that the letters were addressed to her at a different address but forwarded to her, she said that the issue may be related to an attempt in April to fraudulently file a tax return in her name;
3:25 p.m.: notification, Highland Elementary School, a caller reports that the half-masted U.S. flag at the school is upside down, the dispatcher reports that the only keyholder listed did not answer a telephone call;
5:24 p.m.: disturbance, Southampton Road, a Springfield resident came to the station to report she was assaulted by her children’s father, the responding officer reports the woman said that when she met her former boyfriend at a Springfield Road restaurant to exchange their children an argument developed and the man shoved her and bumped her with her chest, the office spoke by phone with the male party who said that the woman was upset when he arrived in the parking lot and ran toward the car, the man said that he was bumped when he tried to hug his daughters goodbye and the woman interposed herself, the officer reports no charges were filed;
6:07 p.m.: larceny, West School Street, a caller reports a landlord to whom she paid rent and a security deposit will not allow her to move in, the responding officer reports the woman said that her new landlord postponed her June 15 arrival until June 27 due to a pending inspection and now says that he will discuss when she can move in on July 1, the officer reports he was unable to immediately contact the landlord;
10:45 p.m.: larceny, Springfield Road, a caller from a Springfield Road department store reports a shoplifter has been detained in the store, the responding officer reports at the management’s request the woman was served a ‘No trespassing’ order;
11:33 p.m.: noise complaint, Tannery Road, a caller reports a loud party, the responding officer reports a resident whose parents are away had about 20 guests and their voices and music could be heard when the officer arrived, the officer also reports that a small bonfire was burning, the officer reports the fire was extinguished and most of the guests left.

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