Police Log, May 12, 2015

Emergency response and crime report
Tuesday, May 12, 2015
8:50 a.m.:
breaking and entering, Crane Avenue, resident reports unauthorized entry into residence, officer reports information taken;
10:00 a.m.: motor vehicle accident, intersection of Court and Pleasant streets, caller reports a tractor-trailer truck operator made a U-turn, knocking down a “no U-turn “sign in the process, caller provided a registration plate number, patrol officer reports locating and stopping the truck on East Main Street, citation issues for making an illegal U-turn, trucking company’s insurance company notified for replacement of the sign;
10:26 a.m.: larceny, Johns Street, caller reports a handicapped placard taken from motor vehicle, caller did not wish to pursue a formal complaint, officer reports information taken;
11:13 a.m.: vandalism, Pioneer Valley Rail Road yard at Depot Square, caller reports windows of passenger cars shattered, officer reports information taken;
11:22 a.m.: officer wanted, Home Depot Warehouse, 50 Campanilli Drive, caller requesting to speak to an officer regarding an employee who was terminated and threatened supervisor, officer reports information taken;
11:46 a.m.: city ordinance violation, Hillside Road, patrol officer reports three unregistered motor vehicles on property, Building Department code enforcement officer to issue citation;
1:50 p.m.: accident, Walmart Parking Lot, 141 Springfield Road, caller reports a motor vehicle backing into a parking slot hit a parked car, then left, caller provided registration plant information for both vehicle, officer reports operator of moving vehicle is a resident of Southwick and was contacted, motorist acknowledged contact, but though it was a shopping cart in the parking slot, officer reports information taken and provided to owner of the parked car, an Easthampton resident;
2:39 p.m.: city ordinance violation, Washington Street, officer reports an unregistered motor vehicle on property, Building Department code enforcement officer to issue citation;
2:57 p.m.: brush fire, Pequot Point Road, Engine 3 extinguished the fire;
4:06 p.m.: medical emergency, North Elm Street, dual response, caller reports a woman took medication and alcohol, which was not medically advised, and is “out of it”, woman then left residence, caller provides description of woman and her clothing, officer reports locating the woman lying in Powdermill Brook near Mestek, ambulance arrived to transport woman to Noble Hospital, EMS requested assistance of officer on that trip because woman was combative, transported without incident to Noble Hospital;
4:24 p.m.: shoplifting, Walmart, 141 Springfield Road, loss prevention reports two youths attempted to leave the store with fishing equipment were confronted and dropped the merchandise, vehicle information came back to a West Springfield residence, youths served with trespass orders;
4:44 p.m.: motor vehicle accident, dual response, Prospect Street Extension, caller reports motor vehicle struck a utility pole, officer reports State Trooper first to arrive and reported no injuries, officer reports the woman stated she lost control of the vehicle, a 2010 Honda, when she turned to check on her baby in a child seat in the rear area of the vehicle, firefighters from Engine 3 disconnected the battery cables because horn was sounding, vehicle towed;
6:19 p.m.: animal complaint, Bush Street, caller reports walking his dog on Bush Street when a German Sheppard jumped the fence and attacked one of his dogs, caller stated owner recovered dog, officer reports caller did not provide details, such as location until later contacted, incident referred to animal control officer who will further investigate the complaint;
6:27 p.m.: fraud, Otis Street, resident came to station to report that his checkbook had been stolen and that a check was cashed at a bank, officer reports bank had recorded identification information of the subject who cashed the check, referred to the detective bureau for further investigation;
6:36 p.m.: fire, motor vehicle, dual response, Price Rite supermarket parking lot, motorist reports car backfired, then smoke came from under the hood, firefighters on Engines 2 and 4 extinguished the fire;
8:12 p.m.: brush fire, Sackett Road, Engine 4 dispatched, fire extinguished;
9:57 p.m.: suspicious activity, Whitney Field, caller reports people in playground after dark, officer located three subjects who were informed that city ordinance prohibits use of city parks and playgrounds after dark, subject were invited to leave and complied;
10:28 p.m.: property recovered, North Road, citizen came to station to turn in a bus registration plate, officer reports Registry of Motor Vehicle information indicated that the plate came of a bus owned by Lecrenski, company will be notified to recover property;
10:57 p.m.: property recovered, Green Avenue, citizen came to the station to turn in a wallet, officer reports a Facebook message was sent to owner to recover his property.

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