Police Log, May 27, 2014

Emergency Response and Crime Report
Tuesday, May 27, 2014
1:50 a.m.: officer wanted, Elm Street, a caller from a gas station and convenience store reports two persons left used heroin needles on the property, the responding officer reports no suspects were found in the area and two hypodermic needles were safely disposed of;
9:03 a.m: larceny, Casimir Street, a caller reports her medications were stolen from her home, the responding officer reports the caller said that she had a picnic on Saturday which was the same day she filled two prescriptions, the woman said that the pills have been missing since the picnic;
9:49 a.m.: trespassing, Ellsworth Street, a caller reports persons are camping on a relative’s property, the responding officer reports a tent discovered was found to be unoccupied but the officer was able to find a document inside which indicated the owner, the officer left a card and a note to advise the squatter to break camp, the officer reports that a check before the end of his shift revealed that the tent was still in place and was still unoccupied;
10:24 a.m.: animal complaint, an officer reports an ongoing issue between neighbors regarding bird feeders one neighbor contends encourage bears, the officer reports the resident agreed to remove his four bird feeders until the fall;
12:23 p.m.: city ordinance violation, Court Street, a community policing officer reports he spoke with a resident regarding two unregistered vehicles on the property, the CP officer report the resident was provided copies of the pertinent city ordinances;
1:52 p.m.: city ordinance violation, Princeton Street, an officer assisted the city building inspector who responded to a complaint of an unregistered vehicle on the property, the officer reports that in addition to the unregistered pickup truck a large amount of debris was observed;
1:04 p.m.: city ordinance violation, Greenwood Street, an officer assisted the city building inspector who investigated a report of unsafe vehicle repair on the property, the office reports that two vehicles were offered for sale on the property without the requisite city permit, a vehicle was leaking fluids and a vehicle propped up on a jack was not otherwise supported, the resident was advised of the safety issues and the infractions were documented;
4:28 p.m.: assist citizen, Susan Drive, a caller reports that his mother asked him to leave her home after a heated argument and will not allow him to return to gather his possessions, the responding officer reports he spoke with the caller’s mother who allowed him to collect some of his property and said that he could return for his furniture and other items at a later date when his father is at home;
4:37 p.m.: assault, Sackett Street, an officer responding to an abandoned 911 call reports the caller said that she had been assaulted by her husband, the officer reports that the woman said that her husband twice struck her with his shoulder knocking her to the ground, the man had left the residence but Anthony J. Montagna, 42, of 6 Sackett Street was later arrest3d for assault and battery in a domestic relationship;
8:50 p.m.: disturbance, Jefferson Street, a resident came to the station to report he was assaulted by his brother, a criminal complaint was filed;
10:22 p.m.: motor vehicle violation, Elm Street at Arnold Street, a detective reports he observed a known person in an unknown vehicle and observed the car stop at a house known to police for narcotics activity where another person got into the car after a brief stop, a check of the vehicle revealed that the owner’s license had been suspended, the vehicle was stopped, the operator was found to be in possession of heroin, the officer reports his investigation showed that the person who most recently got into the car had sold the heroin to the man who had already been in it who subsequently sold the drugs to the operator, Chad B. Sullivan, 33, of 47.5 Shepard St., was arrested for operating a motor vehicle with a suspended license and for possession of a Class A drug, Savuth Vith, 24, of no fixed address in Westfield, was arrested for distribution of a Class A drug and Josue A. Rios, 24, of no fixed address in Westfield, was arrested for distribution of a Class A drug and for an adult seatbelt violation;
11:35 p.m.: larceny, Security Manor, 47 Broad St., a caller reports a known person stole her cellphone, the responding officer reports that the caller said that a visitor agreed to babysit while she and her husband left briefly and when she returned she found her phone valued at about $700 was missing, the victim said that her friend denied stealing the phone and left, the case was referred to the Detective Bureau.

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