Police Log, September 1 & 2, 2012

Emergency Response and Crime Report
Saturday, Sept. 1, 2012
7:46 a.m.; illegal dumping, White Street, a caller reports that a neighbor habitually disposes of yard waste and trash in the street, the responding officer reports the caller’s neighbor agreed to clean up the mess in the street;
11:10 a.m.: animal complaint, Holland Avenue, a caller reports an English bulldog without tags has wandered into his yard, an animal control officer was dispatched and reports he transported the dog to the municipal animal shelter;
12:35 p.m.: breaking and entering, Taylor Ave., a caller reports he found a window of his vehicle was smashed overnight and the vehicle was entered, the responding officer reports the caller said that his vehicle had been intact at 3 a.m. but at 7 a.m. he found that a window had been smashed, the man said that the center console and the glove compartment had been torn out but he did not know of anything that had been stolen;
12:43 p.m.: motor vehicle violation, East Silver Street at Alice Burke Way, a patrol officer reports a traffic stop, the operator’s license was found to be expired, the vehicle was towed to the police impound yard;
12:53 p.m.: animal complaint, North Road, a caller reports that her husband shot a fox which was preying on her livestock, the responding officer reports the resident shot a fox well within 500 feet of a dwelling, the fox had been attacking the resident’s chickens and one was killed;
4:37 p.m.: found property, Thomas Street, a person surrendered a found wallet at the station, the responding officer reports there was no response at the owner’s apparent address so a note was left advising the owner that his wallet was being held at the station;
4:49 p.m.: larceny, Miller Street, a caller reports her son’s bicycle was stolen, the responding officer reports the woman said her son rode his brand-new bike to a friend’s house and left it outside, the bike was gone when he returned, the officer reports the woman called again after 7 p.m. and reported that her son found his bike at another friend’s house;
4:46 p.m.: larceny, Washington Street, a caller reports that he is keeping an eye on a relative’s house and has found that it has been entered, the man said that he does not know if anything was taken;
9:27 p.m.: disturbance, Franklin Street, a patrol office reports he heard yelling in the area of Shepard Street and found a man shouting obscenities, the officer reports he was told to “Mind you own business” when he asked the man what was the problem was and the man insulted him before he fled, the officer gave chase and when the man ran into a yard without an exit he turned on the officer and struck him at least three times before he was subdued, the man was found to be in possession of a pill bottle containing a narcotic with the recipient’s name removed, a check revealed that the man was the subject of and outstanding warrant, Justin D. Hannum, 23, of 4 Columbia St., was arrested for assault and battery on a police officer, for resisting arrest, for possession of a Class E drug and on the warrant;
10:08 p.m.: disturbance, Park Square Townhouse, a caller reports a neighbor had come outside repeatedly and smashed a chair against a tree, the responding officer reports the residence was quiet and dark upon his arrival but he was able to see a person inside though a rear window, the man responded to the officer’s knock and a check revealed him to be the subject of an outstanding warrant, Patrick J. Young, 35, of 140 Union St., was arrested on the warrant.

Sunday, Sept 2, 2012
1:28 a.m.: larceny, East Main Street, the manager of an East Main Street fast food restaurant called to reports that customers stole a sign from the restaurant, the responding officer reports the caller said that customers were unruly and fractious at the drive-up window and as they left she observed a sign from the restaurant in the vehicle, the responding officer reports search of the area did not yield the suspect vehicle;
1:31 a.m.: disturbance, Arnold Street, a patrol officer reports he saw two persons starting to fight outside an Arnold Street bar, the officer reports that when he approached the two men separated and said that an argument had started inside the bar, neither party wished to pursue criminal charges and both left the area;
1:40 a.m.: accident, Union Street, State Police report an overturned vehicle on Union Street, the responding officer reports the operator said that he lost control of the vehicle when he looked down at his radio and the vehicle crossed the roadway, rolled over and stuck a fire hydrant, the man declined medical assistance, the vehicle was towed to the police impound yard;
10:59 a.m.: animal complaint, Russellville Road, a runner called to report that a dog was following her but a resident has taken custody of it, the responding animal control officer reports the dog was transported to the Westfield Animal Shelter;
4:03 p.m.: larceny, Orange Street, a caller reports her son’s phone was stolen while he was swimming in the river, the responding officer reports the boy said that he left his phone on the shore and couldn’t find it when he left the river, the boy identified another boy he believed had taken it, the officer reports he searched the area where the boy said he left it, the phone was found and returned to its owner;
6:14 p.m.: disturbance, Elm Street, a caller requests an officer for a man who refuses to leave her apartment, the responding officer reports he spoke with the resident who said that she asked the man to leave after an argument but he did not go, the officer spoke with a male party in the residence who said that his mother was coming to get him from New Haven and he wanted to wait for her inside, the officer insisted that the man leave the apartment, the officer reports the man made insulting comments about the officer as he exited and when he arrived outside he began swearing at the officer and waving his arms in a threatening manner, Michael Cooper, 46, of 29 Glen Dale Terrace, Springfield, was arrested for disorderly conduct.

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