Police Log, September 19, 2012

Emergency Response and Crime Report
Wednesday, Sept. 19, 2012
1:06 a.m.: incapacitated person, Orange Street, caller reports her boyfriend has locked her out of her residence, the responding office reports the caller was highly intoxicated and nobody was available to care for her, the woman was placed in protective custody;
1:31 a.m.: motor vehicle violation, Main Street at Orange Street, a patrol officer reports he observed a known person operating a motor vehicle whose license was believed to be suspended, the officer reports a check confirmed that the woman’s license was suspended but the officer had lost sight of the vehicle, the officer saw the vehicle a short time later and stopped it, Yaribeth Velez, 34, of 15 Fowler St., was arrested for operating a motor vehicle with a suspended license, a passenger admitted possession of marijuana which was confiscated and a city ordinance violation citation was filed, the vehicle was towed to the police impound yard;
1:44 a.m.: officer wanted, a caller reports hearing noises outside near a neighbor’s car, the responding officer reports the caller said that she heard noises outside that sounded like a vehicle was being damaged and, since a neighbor’s car was recently vandalized, she investigated and found that another neighbor’s car had been tampered with, the officer reports a registration plate was found to have been bent to a right angle as if an attempt was made to remove it, nothing appeared to be missing from the vehicle;
8:58 a.m.: motor vehicle violation, Union Avenue, a patrol officer reports he observed a vehicle operating with a cracked windshield, the vehicle was stopped, the operator was found to have no license status and said that he has never had a license, during the routine booking process fingerprint records revealed that the man had provided a false name and was a Mexican national who was the subject of a felony deportation order issued by immigration officials, Joel Garcia-Teran, 39, of 307 Chestnut St., Springfield, was arrested for unlicensed operation of a motor vehicle, for being an arrestee who provided a false name, for a miscellaneous motor vehicle equipment violation and as a fugitive from justice;
11:11 a.m.: animal complaint, Westfield Animal Shelter, 178 Apremont Way, a person came to the shelter to surrender a tri-colored male beagle dog reportedly found on the Westfield/Holyoke border;
11:12 a.m.: assist citizen, West Silver Street, an elderly man reports he is locked out of his vehicle, the responding firefighters report they were able to enter the vehicle to assist the caller;
11:20 a.m.: larceny, East Main Street, a caller reports a male party stole a box of candy, the responding officer reports the store manager said that a male party was seen leaving the store with two large bags of candy he had not paid for, the man was confronted in the parking lot by two employees who recovered the merchandise but the suspect left in a motor vehicle, the manager said that she does not require a formal report;
3:59 p.m.: fire, Leonard Avenue, a caller reports children have started a small fire in the woods, the caller said that the fire is out and the children have fled;
4:58 p.m.: larceny, Springfield Road, a caller from a Springfield Road department store reports a male party who left the store with merchandise he had not paid for was accosted outside by staff who recovered nine DVDs valued at $339, the suspect entered a motor vehicle and left the area, the store employees will provide a copy of the relevant security video;
7:07 p.m.: suspicious activity, Southwood Acres, 342 Southwick Road, a caller requests an officer for a resident who appear to have an unhealthy interest in local children, the responding officer reports he spoke with two residents who said that an adult male who lives at the complex is often seen watching the children in the area and has taken pictures of them, in addition the man reportedly had established ‘forts’ in the woods, office reports that no actual crime has been alleged but the case was referred to the detective bureau for further investigation;
9:18 p.m.: vandalism, South Meadow Road, a caller reports vandalism to his shed and mailbox, the responding officer reports the caller said that he had been alerted by a neighbor shortly before he heard a window in his shed shatter, the man said he investigated to see a male party fleeing and discovered his mailbox had been pulled from the ground, the officer reports a rock which had apparently been thrown through a window was found in the shed;
9:45 p.m.: animal complaint, Sherwood Avenue, a caller reports a “mama bear and her three baby cubs” are walking in the roadway, the responding officer reports he located four black bears climbing a tree and was able to chase them into the woods.

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