Police Log Sunday, Oct. 14, 2018

Major crime and incident report
Sunday, Oct. 14, 2018

12:07 a.m.: disturbance, Maple Street, a caller reports a college related disturbance, the responding officers report that a city ordinance violation citation was issued;
2:44 p.m.: found property, Stanley Park, 400 Western Ave., a person came to the station to surrender a purple cell phone found at the park, the responding officer reports the owner of the phone could not be determined and it was stored for safe keeping;
4:10 p.m.: fire, Ridgeview Terrace, a caller complains of a neighbor burning debris, the responding firefighters report a man found with a fire was advised of the complaint and extinguished the fire;
11:02 p.m.: disturbance, Orange Street, a caller reports a college related disturbance with a bonfire, the responding firefighters report the residents were advised to extinguish the fire and complied.

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