Police Log Tuesday, Oct. 30, 2018

Major Crime and Incident Report
Tuesday, Oct. 30, 2018

2:20 p.m.: larceny, William Street, a caller reports the night before an acquaintance visited her to smoke medical marijuana and said the man took the marijuana, threatened to kill her if she called police and left, the responding officer reports an incident report was filed;
3:07 p.m.: vandalism, May Street, a resident came to the station to complain that somebody vandalized her vehicle by pouring water into the gas tank, the responding officer reports the woman told him that her mechanic informed her that a large amount of water had been poured into her gas tank and that it would cost $500-$1,000 to repair, the officer reports the woman said she has an ongoing issue with her landlord and said she had seen him return to the house shortly before she realized her car had a problem;
5:40 p.m.: found property, Woodbridge Lane, a Westfield resident came to the station to surrender a wallet she found, the responding officer reports he was unable to immediately contact the owner, the wallet was stored for safe keeping;
7:14 p.m.: suspicious person, Springfield Road, a caller from a Springfield Road department store reports that a group of female customers asked him to call police because two male parties were paying undue attention to them, the responding officer reports he encountered two men outside the store, when confronted one provided a false name and when challenged said that he provided the false name because earlier he had shoplifted from the store, Eric A. Anderson, 34, of 710 Belmont St., Springfield, was arrested for shoplifting by asportation and larceny of property valued less than $1,200, the second party was served with a “No trespassing” order for the store.

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