Pulse Line, July 11, 2012

I would like to respond to the recent negative comments written about the Southwick Cemetery… The workers are doing a great job considering the 18 hour budget they must work with. Where in the greater vicinity of Southwick Cemetery will you find one to compare with our carefully manicured one, where the markers are all weed-whacked neatly and the grass is always mowed and the water is always available? Where do you find a cemetery worker that will move the many, many flower pots and small statues and return them back to where they came from? Tell me where? In this allotted time they also maintain the old adjoining cemetery and how great does that look! I recommend if anyone has a complaint, they visit any surrounding cemetery and compare the difference. They will then realize that we are grateful and privileged to have a beautiful cemetery like ours as a final resting place for our loved ones.

Now that there are no mature trees left in the park, where is the flag? Are they too embarrassed to put it up in that disaster? The poles are there, but no flag. According to the Mayor’s office, Park Square is still under the control of Lynch Construction and once it is turned over to the city then the United States flag will again be flown.

The earlier message that I left concerning where the flag is for Park Square was made by a 100 percent disabled Vietnam veteran.

I would like to compliment the Westfield News. I have been a resident of Westfield for 15 years, having moved here from the Albany, New York area, and I want to offer praise as to how far this newspaper has come since I’ve been a resident of this great city. I love Westfield and I think the new direction The Westfield News is taking, truly is ground-breaking. Keep up the great work and I look forward to reading every day’s issue! And, please, continue the responses to Pulse Line entries…  I think it adds much to the content and offers solutions to some who truly seek answers. In a day and age where people are seeking their news online, it is wonderful to kick back and just read the newspaper! Thank you! Thank you very much for the kind words. Westfield and the surrounding towns are vibrant communities with plenty happening and we’re proud to be the source of local news and information to the citizens.  We also offer readers the option to read online at thewestfieldnews.com if they choose.

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