PulseLine, July 26, 2012

In The Westfield News sports section on Tuesday the 24th: “Post 124 forfeits game 1…” Well, that’s half the news. Who was the player that didn’t show up?

With all that’s going on in the world today with the economy, the political situation and now the killings in Colorado, it’s hard to believe that on the front page of The Westfield News was “Arms Brook eyed again” for a dog area run. Give me a break! That is front page news? Also the wedding announcement on Page 2 says the wedding date was May 5, 2012. Well, I think you’re a little late reporting that one. The downfall with most news outlets that consider themselves “local” is that they no longer focus on local news. We at The Westfield News know that national or global news can be consumed anywhere at any time which is why we focus on important topics that affect our everyday lives in our local area. Readers will continue to get all of the important news about Westfield, Southwick and the hill towns from one source: The Westfield News. Compare the quantity of relevant news from any other “local” news source and you’ll see why The Westfield News is important to you. As for the wedding announcement you mentioned, it was just brought in to us within the last few days by a family member.

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