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I just read the reporters view of the Babe Ruth World Series and I have to say that they were well written. It is interesting to hear what goes on behind the scenes and the time and work involved in giving us good game stories each day. I will also commend the Westfield News for all of your coverage of the games. You had stories and photos from every single game and treated every team as if they were the most important game. It was nice to see that you didn’t focus on just the Westfield team. No other local news did such expansive coverage and your daily papers will be tremendous historical accounts of the event.

Over the weekend I took a ride up north Elm St. to see what the latest construction was like and I have to say, I really like it. The medians and cross walks are a great addition as I know some people who work in that area and like to cross the street on their breaks and have complained about how difficult it is. Once it is complete I think resident and visitors to Westfield will be impressed with how modern our roadways have become over the past decade.

Is it me or is everyone in Westfield a naysayer? I have never met more negative people in my life than those in Westfield. Nothing is ever good enough. You want better roads but complain about the roadwork. You want to be able to bike more safely but complain about the cost of the rail trail and the design to make roads more bike friendy. You want more family friendly events but then complain about the traffic. You want the city to look good but complain about the money being spent. It’s mind boggling to me. Not to mention everyone I meet is an expert civil engineer or tree specialist or traffic speialist. There are so many great things about Westfield that other local communities and others around the country would be jealous if they knew how good we have it.

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