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Does anyone else find it absurd that Southwick is seeking a tobacco grant from the Massachusetts Department of Public Health to promote community health and tobacco prevention to municipalities throughout the commonwealth when it receives property tax dollars from tobacco growers located in the town? Certainly municipalities should reduce the prevalence of tobacco use, work to prevent use of tobacco products by teens, and reduce exposure to secondhand smoke- but you send a confusing message to young impressionable minds when a source of summer employment and a source of your town tax dollars comes from tobacco farms located in Southwick.

Now that I’ve had some time to digest the Westfield election results I have to ask the question: In a city of 25,000+ voters, more than half of which are women, why do we have a city council dominated by men? Are women too smart to seek this public office? Also, I am absolutely ashamed by the personal attacks some of this year’s candidates perpetuated and when I look back at the biggest offenders I notice they are not Westfield natives. They are people who moved here and have chosen to seek elected office, which is admirable, but keep your personal attacks out of local politics. Westfield overwhelmingly supported Trump last year and I see those campaign tactics used on the national level are now happening here against our neighbors. Sad. Oh, and lastly, two really uninformed candidates got elected. I’m sure they’ll learn quickly that their ideas won’t hold water.

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