PulseLine, April 20, 2013

Just wanted to drop a line and express my appreciation to the owner and publisher of The Westfield News for your efforts in revitalizing our local paper. Having read this paper since I was delivering it 25 years ago, i believe you are making the right choices to thrive in an industry that seems to be slowly dying on the vine. Making Westfield and our close neighbors the focal point is what separates it from other sources of information. Your coverage of youth and high school sports is terrific. I would like to suggest a question and answer column that could run once or twice a week, where readers could direct anonymous questions to elected officials, police and fire, or local business owners to get answers to questions that people do not know who to ask. Thanks again for a job well done! P.S. ……… please, please, please get rid of the iPod column which in my opinion is a huge waste of ink. Do we really need to know the lyrics to David Bowie’s Suffragette City? I mean 175 songs that no iPod can be without? Really? Keep up the good work! Thank you for the support of our community news media. Regarding questions/answers, folks currently do that in the PulseLine and we think that’s the best place for that and we encourage people to submit them. If anyone has a question please e-mail it to: [email protected]. As for the iPod column, we have received numerous compliments on it plus it is something unique that other news media does not provide.

Yes, two things I’m wanting to say: one was about the glorious park that we have in Westfield. The landscaping is atrocious. I may be wrong but the azaleas look dead. Half the trees are crooked. They did a bad job with that whole park, as far as I’m concerned. And they replaced all the lighting, the top fixtures, and they replaced them with a gaudy amount of lights again,instead of trimming them down, so it wouldn’t be so bright. And the other thing I wanted to say was that hole in the ground now,, where they ripped down all those buildings – wouldn’t that make a nice park for somebody who had some brains that designed it? That would be a great park where they could put grass in, where the kids could go and play and stuff instead of a cement wonderland in the middle of town where nobody can go. It’s very uninviting but they could do a good job on that other park. Remember that Park Square is still less than a year old so the plants, trees and grass still need time to grow. The Elm St. corridor in Westfield needs businesses for residents to patronize and work at. Erecting a building containing offices and shops/restaurants in the space recently created will encourage a revitalization of this area.

Now is the time to check out your trees and shrubs for winter damage.  Clear trees and weeds from around the base of trees and carefully trim away any broken branches.

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