PulseLine, April 20, 2015

I listen fairly regularly to the Thursday morning radio show hosted by Patrick Barry of the Westfield News. He has some very interesting people on, and his last show with Tom and Dan Smith was outstanding. They brought to light facts surrounding the proposed Cross Street school and the lease termination of the Juniper Park school between the city and Westfield State University. They had documents and notes of conversations pertaining to the City terminating the lease, not the college. We citizens have been told repeatedly that the University terminated the lease, which now has proven to be false. I hope the citizens of Westfield realize who the people involved in this fabrication are. We have not been told the truth. Hopefully, the Westfield News will report this on its front page and not bury the story, as we have a right to know the truth.

Great Westfield News radio show the other morning! Patrick Berry kept saying that this new school story has many different angles and boy was he right. I’m looking forward to the Smith’s next appearance on the show but also to the Mayor’s appearance and school committee member Sullivan’s appearance. Thanks for listening and tell all your friends!

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