PulseLine, August 10, 2012

Hmmmm… Boy, did I hit a nerve or what? I beg your pardon (this is using RESPECT, by the way), I do realize that “just some guy” made comments. My point was that the PulseLine did not exercise any tact in how they handled the situation. They should have HELD onto it until he was at least buried. Yes! It was DISRESPECTFUL to say the least. “Freedom of the Press?” They could have used better judgment with this situation. Period! And, yes, we law abiding people are disgusted with them for it. GOT IT? How can you say those horrible things about Jose or anyone else for that matter? Did you know him? (As a law abiding citizen?) Obviously not or you would have never made those, I must say, stupid comments like, “Given someone attitude” or “took someone else’s job?” Come on! What planet are you from? They have the experience to do these jobs. Sorry, but that’s how it works! Let me guess… you’ve had a few run-ins with the local law enforcement. Possibly with Officer Torres? Bottom line, it’s obvious that you have no respect for the law and boy, does it show! You must live a very, very miserable life. I really feel sorry for you and what you have become, (assuming you are an adult), respect is something most people learn and is obviously something you missed out on. And finally. Sorry, Buddy, if you don’t like the City of Westfield, why don’t you move the out? Do us all a favor, MOVE! I do not plan on reading or responding to anymore idiotic or hateful comments that are made about this wonderful man! RIP, Officer Torres. You are missed by many, many decent law abiding people! And that is all that matters!
Hi. I’m going to play the same game that everyone else has been playing. They put things in the newspaper about Nancy Metzger, her age and how this town is anti-business. If all this stuff is so true, why don’t they come forward and give their names so that their comments can be proven one way or the other. Or are they afraid that if they keep telling these lies, they’ll be sued? Thank you.
Good morning. I’m calling about the downtown area which was formerly the block containing Newbury’s of yesteryear. I would hope that this grant the city has received for tear downs in that vicinity is approximately $480,000. They tell me that a bid has come in at $175,000 with another high bid of $400,000. I hope, for the sake of trying to save the state some money, that they take the $175,000 bid. Let’s see what the near future brings. There’s a good chance that they might go for the higher one and I hope that you, as City Councilmen or the people of Westfield, will follow the direction of the low bidder. Time will tell. Follow this story very, very closely. Have a nice day.
I read in Tuesday’s paper that there are still people whining over the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Well, folks, let’s remember we didn’t start this. If they didn’t bomb and attack Pearl Harbor they would never have suffered those consequences.
Recently I was at Stop & Shop and I see that the homeless have a new home on the benches there.
Good morning. I’m calling about Paper Mill Road in Westfield, Massachusetts. We who live in this vicinity utilize this road to the fullest extent. We need some help; this road is a total disaster. We know there is a problem with East Mountain Road but please, Mr. Mayor, take a ride down East Mountain Road and then take a ride down Paper Mill Road. You’ll find our road needs an awful, awful lot of work. It’s rock ‘n roll city. Give us half, three quarters, give us something this fall. The paving season is going to end in another month or two. All you have to do is take that one ride that I’m asking and you will certainly respond as quickly as possible. Could you give us an answer – a real truthful answer? Thank you for your time.

It has been brought to my attention that the article that was posted concerning the hiring of a new police officer was incorrect. The town only had two current applications.  (Officer Dubiel and Mr. Jack Godfrey.)  The third person mentioned did turn in an application but it was in fact over one year old.  Mr.Weidhaas might have been a very valid candidate but in all fairness his resume was left on the front steps of a former member of the select board. It was not turned into the remainder of the board and no application is on file. If an opening is available with any employer, the employer cannot be responsible for something like this one year old resume with no application. Is it not up to the individual seeking the position to pursue the employer and not the other way around? I realize that there was conversation with Mr. Weidhaas and this former board member but again when this person left office back in May.  Mr. Weidhaas as a town resident should have touched base with the current Board Of Selectman about his intentions.

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