PulseLine, August 27, 2012

I’m the resident that contacted the Westfield News about the problem on Eastview Drive with the water main washout. Thank you so much for looking into this for us, Dan Moriarty, and for letting us know what’s happening as far as a permanent repair goes and a timeline for it. The temporary repair is ok, but it’s like driving over moguls- but something having been done about it is better than nothing for now since we can use both sides of the road again and our neighbor can get in and out of his driveway once more. We appreciate your taking the time to investigate this and provide us with information.

This is in response to a PulseLine article from August 22 about how the Concerned Citizens of Russell (CCR) controls the Select Board. I realize you may be an elderly resident but you are certainly out of touch. There is one person on the Select Board and, by her own admission, was put there only for the purpose of the biomass. Another person on that board, who has been there for the last two years and is only there for the well-being of this town and if you ever got involved in anything, you’d see that this gentleman is working for the best interest of the town would have been a very good fit to your old board that you made a comparison to of Ron, Dennis and Fred. The other side of this issue is that the third candidate is so new no opinions can be drawn yet. The one that’s been on the board for two years, it is now rumored that CCR wants him out because they’re afraid of his stance on the biomass issue even though we know for all practical purposes, the biomass is dead. As far as your other concern, I agree with you 100 percent. These people that put all these articles in the paper and whine in the PulseLine have, in fact, soured any viable business from ever coming to the Town of Russell and now they are pushing for testing the Westfield River site. From the town’s point of view, the Russell Select Board’s chairman has stated in a recent meeting that the issue has been resolved. It’s dead. We’ve had four testing done so far and the DEP has announced that there were no viable substances found. But there are a few private citizens that constantly put articles in your paper and because they are allowed to do so in the PulseLine, people think they’re from the Town of Russell in general thus poisoning the waters for the rest of us. The Town of Russell is a nice community and it’s sad that people can put such negative thoughts in the paper without being held accountable for them thus thinking the whole town is bad. Again, the person that wrote the article is out of touch. Thank you. Bye.

Hi. How ya doing? I have three questions for you, which I know the first one should be easy for you. First: I see that you are not putting the number for the PulseLine in the paper. I’m lucky I wrote it down and wonder how long this is going to last or are you guys going to keep it? My next question is about the “Coffee Hour with the Mayor.” What is that pertaining to? Do you go down there and watch him drink coffee while you ask questions? Lastly, when is the court date for the signs? What’s going on with that, anything new? I know you’ll keep us updated but when is the court date? Thank you for your help. Bye-bye. Citizens can still call the PulseLine (572-3999.) However, due to the time needed to transcribe phone messages, comments submitted either through the PulseLine page on our web site (www.thewestfieldnews.com) or via e-mail ([email protected]) are given a higher priority. The first Monday of each month from September through June Mayor Knapik hosts a “coffee hour” that the public is encouraged to attend. During these monthly meetings the Mayor discusses all the different projects happening in the city as well as fields questions from the audience. We strongly encourage citizens to attend, ask questions and be informed. For your final question, you may have read Carl Hartdegen’s article on Friday on the most recent developments of the sign issue.

I see where James Brown Jr. is going to be resigning from City Council. I didn’t here too much bad about him but I’m sure his buddies will find someone else to fill his shoes. Thank you.

Good morning. I’m calling in regards to the North side where the new construction is taking place by the two bridges. The road coming from the Turnpike into the center of Westfield is a speedway as soon as they hit Westwoods Restaurant. Everyone is in a rush to get into the one lane area near Pasquale’s Pizza and tend to go 40 or 50 plus miles per hour. I feel sorry for what I think is the Number 1 store, which is the Butcher Block, and the Number 2 store, which is a fireplace store. They need a little slowing down in that general area. Can I suggest traffic signs for 25 miles per hour and a bump in the road that will actually bounce them up and down so they can’t go flying by their stores at 50 miles an hour? And they do it. Mr. Mayor, I wish you would help out those two businesses and I’m sure others will appreciate it, too. Mr. Mayor, take note. Please. Thank you for your time.

Hello. Mr. Mayor, could you give us a little indication of what streets are going to be paved in the City of Westfield this fall? I know Paper Mill Road from Union Street is in horrendous condition. We in this area would love to see from Union Street to Joseph Avenue paved. It would give us a tremendous amount of satisfaction. Please do your best. It’s all we ask. You can do the rest of Paper Mill Road at a later date because the condition of that road is 70 percent better in comparison. Can you help us, please?

Good morning, PulseLine. I have to agree with the person inquiring about the house on Prospect Street being a rooming house. I passed by there recently and there were eight cars there, two on the front lawn, four in the driveway and two on the street, parked between the roadway and the sidewalk which is on the tree belt area. I thought it was illegal to park on a tree belt line or is the law just for a certain few? These cars are parked like this winter and summer; sometimes cars are even on the sidewalks. Where are the police patrols? I’ve never seen a parking ticket on any of the cars. Do we still have enforceable laws or ordinance in Westfield? Let’s get with it, Traffic Supervisor. After all, some members of your staff pass by this area every day. They have got to see this. Have a good day. Thank you.

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