PulseLine, August 8, 2012

Unfortunately, I had never met Officer Torres, but after reading all the wonderful entries written about him; I wish I had. One thing that I hope happens is that other officers on the force follow in his footsteps and remember where they came from. How many officers, not to mention citizens, would reach out to a homeless person and buy them a hamburg? Thank you, Officer Torres for being you.

I can’t believe what I read in the Monday, Aug 6, paper where someone had the gall to say that Officer Torres was working for some company and not for the City of Westfield and wanted to know why we should pay for it. Because the man gave us 27 years of his life. 27 years of his life to the City of Westfield. How dare the City of Westfield and the citizens of Westfield turn their backs on a man because he was working for us? My God, the City of Westfield should turn around and give his family 27 years of their lives. If you guys can’t understand that, then why don’t you go and live in the Soviet Union where the cops are a hell of a lot worse than they are here in the United States of America. We take care of our own. Have a good day.

I hope consideration is taken when setting up the new water rates for people that have a large sprinkler system for their lawns. Obviously that water is going out but it’s not going into the sewer system. There should be some mechanism in place for those people.

Recently another newspaper stated that the “friends” of the proposed dog park offered to assist financially for the creation of the dog park and its maintenance. This is new from the last information I received that they were going to absorb all cost. As a dog lover, I take pride and care of my own pet without the need or assistance of the city, any “friends,” or a dog park. This is ridiculous for the dog friends to propose to assist in building a new park. If they want one, let them absorb all of the cost without having to tax the taxpayers of Westfield and have us do it for them. Signed: Taxed to Death in Westfield. Thank you.

I am sick and tired of people anonymously tearing down their neighbors here. I say its time for the people of Westfield to stand up and make the PulseLine something great instead of an anonymous whine fest. I say we anonymously build each other up instead of tearing each other down. I would like to start with two people from two local stores. First, the bald guy with the white beard who works at the Stop n Go on Mill Street. He is always nice and very friendly. Second, the lady with the long ponytail at Rocky’s who works in paint dept. She’s the most helpful clerk I’ve ever dealt with. So that’s my two cents worth. Lets start building each other up instead of tearing apart our neighbors .

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