PulseLine, August 8, 2014

The 2014 Westfield Curbside Collection Calender states the single stream recycling was supposed to start late spring or early summer. I was wondering if I could expect to see it happen this season so hadn’t so I e-mailed city hall. That was several weeks ago and I haven’t received a reply. Would you know anymore about this issue. My apologies if it was covered in an edition of the paper I missed. Please read Dan Moriarty’s story, ‘Single-stream recycling faces implementation hurdles‘ from the July 29 edition of The Westfield News.

I was driving from Friendly’s Way towards the Pike entrance the afternoon the traffic lights were out. I want to know others opinions of what the proper “etiquette” is when something like that occurs. I thought the intersection should be treated as a 4-way stop as oppose to the main road having the right of way, which is how it was being treated. In a time when technology works to keep us safe from each other or as some believe, has us all at its mercy I would hope we could exercise common sense when it breaks down. Also a pet peeve of mine, if you are a tailgater; PLEASE STOP IT! You are just an adult sized school yard bully! Granted some folks enjoy the high that the possibility of getting into a violent confrontation brings as we hear about in the news so frequently; but I believe most intelligent beings if given a chance want to get the heck outta your way- If a crazy person is tailgating me (which we have all seen in our rear-view mirrors; all bug eyed and red faced) I pull over to the right asap to let them pass. I really don’t need their bad karma spilling over into my life-i have enough of my own I am trying to atone for! From the Westfield Police Dept: According to the Commonwealth of Mass Driver’s Manual (revised 7/2014): “If the traffic signals are blacked out and not functioning, be cautious and proceed as though there is a stop sign in all directions. Go when it is safe.” This can be found in chapter 4, page 82.

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